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Lord, teach us how to pray as John taught his disciples. — Luke xi, 1. 

Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities : for we know not what we 
should pray for as we ought : but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for oa 
with groauings which cannot be uttered. 

And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what t* the mind of the Spirit, 
"became he maketh intercession for the saints, according to (fie will of God.— 
Rom. viii. 36, 27. 





3 Broad street, and 103 East Bay, Charleston, S. C. 


This volume originated in the desire expressed by 
many soldiers to have forms of Prayer through which 
they might unite in social worship, and guide more 
perfectly their private devotions, and is now dedi- 
cated to George A. Trenholm, Esq., by whose 
approval and liberality it has been prepared and 
printed, and to A Captain in the Army, who 
has both encouraged its publication and will largely 
aid in its circulation. 


I — Social Prayers — General. 

1. For the Sabbath.. 

2. For any Occasion. 

3. " " 

4. " " 

5. " " 

II — Social Prayers — Special. 

1. In anticipation of Battle. 

2. Prayer and Thanksgiving for Victory. 

3. After a Repulse or Defeat. 

4. For a Day of Thanksgiving. 

5. For a Day of Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer. 

6. For the Revival of Religion. 

7. For our Rulers. 

8. For our Confederacy. 

9. For Absent Families. 

10. For Funeral Service. 

11. Against our enemies and for Peace. 

12. Thanksgiving for Peace. 

Ill — Personal and Private Prayers. 

1. For a Professor of Religion. 

2. For a cold, careless Professor — a Backslider. 

3. Of a Sinner, for mercy, repentance, and faith. 

4. For a Sick or Wounded Soldier. 

5. On Recovery from Sickness. 
IV — Short Prayers. 

1. For Morning. 

2. For Evening. 

3. On Going into Battle. 


4. In Prospect of Battle. 

5. On Sentinel and Picket Duty. 

6. When Sick and Wounded. 

7. For Divine Guidance. 

8. A General Thanksgiving. 

9. Thanksgiving. 

10. General Prayer. 

11. Collect, 

12. Confession. 

13. For Defence. 

14., For Soldiers «nder Sentence of Death. 

15. For Forgiveness. 

16. For Direction. 

17. On Deliverance from Enemies. 

18. For those Exposed to Danger. 

19. During our present National Troubles. 

20. To be used in Ships of War. 

21. Sailor's Prayer. 

22. During a Storm. 

23. Thanksgiving after a Storm. 

24. For a Sick Person. 

25. After Sudden Visitation. 

26. For Close of any Service. 

27. The Creed. 

28. Gloria in Excelsis. 

29. The Teu Commandments. 
Selections of Scripture. 

1. For a Day of Thanksgiving. 

2. For a Day of Humiliation. 

3. For Victory. 

4. For Repulse. 

5. For Funerals. 
(5. For Peace. 



No. I. 
For the Sabbath Day. 

ALMIGHTY and most merciful God, Fa- 
ther, Son, and Holy Ghost, we thank 
thee for another Sabbath, which commemo- 
rates the finished works of creation and 
redemption. May we be enabled to rejoice 
and be glad in it, as the best of days, and 
the emblem and foretaste of that glorious 
rest which remains for the people of God. 
Though away from home, and far from the 
assemblies of thy people in our accustomed 
sanctuaries, may this Sabbath be made to 
each of our hearts a day of spiritual im- 
provement, heavenly consolation, and, near 
communion with thee, who art the Lord of 
the Sabbath., Separated from friends, and 
gathered together in this desert nlnno m«v- 


we feel as did thy disciples when' apart with 
thee in prayer. Be thou our Sanctuary. 
Make this solitary place a Bethel, none 
other than the house of God, and the very 
sate of Heaven. May our "hearts be made 
to burn within us, and to exclaim, surely 
God is in this place, though we knew it 
not, to bless us, and to do us good. 

Draw our hearts to thee. Draw them 
away from the vanities and vexations of 
this world. Excite within us spiritual hun- 
ger and thirst. Feed our souls with the 
bread of Heaven, and give us that living 
water, of which, if any man drink, he will 
never thirst any more. O satisfy us with 
thy mercy, so shall we rejoice, and be glad, 
all the days of our lives. May we find rest 
in thee from all sin, sorrow, and sadness. 

Give us, O Lord, rest from our enemies 
who have come up against us, and wrong- 
fully persecute and oppress us. Let no rude 
alarms of raging foes disturb our peaceful 
rest this day. Eestrain their wrath, and 
make it to praise thee. But if compelled 
to fia;ht, gird us with strength for battle, and 
enable us to contend earnestly for the faith 
once delivered to our fathers. Go up with 
us. Be thou the captain of our hosts, our 


leader, and commander. Help us and fight 
lor us. .0 thou who art a God of Battles, 
and a man of war, with whom it is nothing 
to help, whether with many or with few, 
them that have -no power, send us not up 
against this great multitude unless thou go 
up with us, for how will it be known that we 
are thy people unless thou go up with us. 
O God, wh» art our fathers' God, we rest on 
thee; and in thy name as a just Go d^ and 
the avenger of the oppressed, we will-go up 
against them. Let us not be dismayed or 
terrified because our enemies are lively and 
strong. Put them in fear-, O God. Make 
them flee before us. Ride thou upon the 
whirlwind, and direct the storm of battle. 
May we live to praise thy great and glorious 
name, who hast gotten, for us the victory, 
and triumphed gloriously 

With thy law and testimony before us, 
Ave appeal for the righteousness of our cause 
to thee, the Lord God omnipotent, who 
reignest with power supreme over all king- 
doms and governments. Unto thee, O Lord, 
who didst give to our fathers, and to us by 
inheritance, this Southern land, and didst 
bring among us the heathen to be our ser- 
vants, for good to them, and to the world. 


find for glory to thine own great name, unto 
thee do we now fly for protection from cruel 
and unjust men, who seek to disinherit and 
destroy us. Arise, O Lord, in thine anger. 
Plead thou our cause, and .awake for us to 
the judgment thou hast commanded. Judge 
us, O Lord, and plead our cause against an 
ungodly, merciless, and perfidious nation, 
and grant that, being delivered from all 
connection with them, and dependent on 
thee alone, we may become a united and 
happy people, whose God is the Lord. 

And now, O our Saviour, who didst on 
this day ascend far above all heavens, there 
to reign highly exalted above every name, 
until thou hast put all thine enemies under 
thy feet, come and reign in our hearts and 
minds. Set up within us thy kingdom of 
righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy 
Ghost. Eestore peace to our bleeding land. 
Eevive thy people who are scattered abroad 
everywhere. Eeunite congregations and 
households. Eestore commerce and agri- 
culture, and may the earth again jneld her 
increase, and the abundance of the sea bring 
prosperity May our colleges again become 
the seminaries of learning, the fountains of 
wisdom, and the nurseries of pious and pa- 


triotic citizens, and of faithful and zealous 
ministers of the everlasting gospel; and may 
order, harmony, and peace be effectually 
and permanently restored, and truth and 
justice, religion and piety, universally pre- 

Hear us, O Christ, in these our prayers, 
which we offer unto God in thy name, and 
help us by the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, 
to call upon God, the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost, as thou hast taught, saying : Our 
Father, who art in heaven. Hallowed be 
thy name. Tby kingdom come. Thy will 
be done on earth, as it i,s in heaven. Give 
us this day our daily bread. And forgive 
us our trespasses as we forgive those who 
trespass against us. And lead us not into 
temptation, but deliver us from eyil. For 
thine is the kingdom, and the power, and 
the glory for ever. Amen. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and 
the love of God our heavenly Father, and 
the fellowship of the Holy Ghost be with 
us all, now, henceforth, and for evermore. 


No. II. 

ALMIGHTY, everlasting, and ever blessed 
God, who for thine own glory made us 
of dust and breathed into our nostrils the 
breath of life, and didst illumine our minds 
with the inspiration of understanding, that 
we might serve thee always; permit us now 
to worship thee. We confess that we are 
sinners, and break thy laws every day in 
thought, word, and action. We confess that 
because of these sins we deserve to be cast 
into hell, and to endure thine anger for ever 
We confess that we are dead in sin, and 
cannot save ourselves from thy righteous 
condemnation and evcilasting death, since 
no sorrow for sin can satisfy thy justice, 
and even our best works are so mixed with 
sin as to demand punishment. We thank 
thee, therefore, O most merciful God, that 
thou hast devised a way to save sinners, 
through Jesus, thine only begotten Son, the 
Saviour of mankind. We bless thee that 
Christ became a man, kept thy law, and 
died on the cross for us ; that he rose again 
from the dead, and ever liveth at thy right 
hand, to plead for us in heaven ; to give 
repentance and remission of sins; and to 


send the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, to con- 
vince, convert, and regenerate our hearts, 
and to help our infirmities by teaching us 
how to pray, to believe, and to repent, and 
by working in us to will and to do accord- 
ing to thy good pleasure. We bless thee 
that, when we could not obey thy law on 
account of sin, God, sending his own Son in 
the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, con- 
demned sin in the flesh. We bless thee that 
salvation is thy gift, freely offered to all 
men ; and that thy Holy Spirit, as a Spirit 
of wisdom, and of power, is bestowed upon 
all who ask it in sincerity. 

Grant, O God, we beseech thee, that Holy 
Spirit unto us now, who are in circumstances 
of peculiar danger and temptation, to enable 
us to seek and to obtain the salvation of our 
souls; to accept thine offered mercy and thy 
gracious promises; to believe in Jesus Christ 
as set before us in thy glorious gospel ; to 
come unto Him and find rest ; so that we may 
take up our cross and follow Him, and never 
be ashamed to confess him before men, but 
may rather glory in his cross, and find his 
burden light, and his ways pleasantness and 
peace. Enable us to be frequent in prayer, 
and to offer up continually unto God the 


wishes of our hearts, casting all our cares 
and burdens upon thee, and ever looking 
unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our 
faith, for grace and mercy to help us accord- 
ing to our need. 

Give us saving faith, inspiring hope, cou- 
rageous confidence, and that love of Chriot 
which will cast out all fear. Give us that 
true repentance which will make us forsake 
sin and dread to offend thee, our most mer- 
ciful Father; or to dishonor Christ, our most 
blessed Lord and Saviour; or to grieve the 
Holy Spirit, our guide and guardian. Be- 
stow upon us while living grace to prepare 
for dying, and for that judgment which is 
after death, that so, dying daily unto the 
world, our hearts may live in heaven, and 
rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Pre- 
serve us from the fear of man and from the 
power of our enemies. Prevent, if it be 
possible, the fierce conflict of battle, by 
making this war to cease, and causing even 
our enemies to be at peace with us. But if 
called ever to hazard our lives in bloody 
strife, teach our fingers to fight and our 
hands to war. Enable us to put on a manly 
courage. Imbue our minds with pure and 
lofty patriotism. Clothe us in the whole 


armor of God. Animate us with a holy 
boldness and self-sacrificing devotion, that 
we may contend earnestly and successfully 
for our wives, our mothers, and our sisters; 
for our homes and our sanctuaries; and for 
the blood-bought inheritance of civil and 
religious liberty bequeathed to us by our 
fathers. And grant that, if thou so ordain- 
est, we may willingly die; whether we live 
or die, may we be the Lord's, so that to us 
to live may be Christ, and to die gain — 
even an entrance among the righteous who 
die to live; whose departing spirits are with 
Christ in paradise; and whose bodies shall 
come forth from the grave and ascend, with 
Christ, into heaven, to reign with him in 
glory through a blessed immortality. 

And now, O God, our heavenly Father ! 
aB we deserve nothing of ourselves, we be- 
seech thee to answer these our prayers for 
Christ's sake. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc.* 
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc.* 

♦Repeat as found in No. I. 


No. III. 

OGOD, who art a Spirit infinite, eternal, 
and unchangeable in thy being, wisdom, 
power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth ; 
we worship and adore thee. Thou art every- 
where present. Thou art able to do what- 
soever thou pleasest, and thou knowest all 
things. Our hearts are naked and open 
before thee, with all their sins and sorrows, 
Blessed be thy name, that while enthroned 
in majesty thou delightest in mercy; and 
that while thy glory is proclaimed by the 
heavens, and the earth, and all things thou 
hast made, thy tender mercies are over all 
thine other works. 

We now approach thee as a God who 
is love; as the Lord God merciful and gra- 
cious; as the God and .Father of our Lord 
and Saviour Jesus Christ; as in Christ rec- 
onciling sinners unto thyself; forgiving iniq- 
uity and blotting -out transgression, and not 
willing that any should perish, but that all 
should come unto thee and find grace and 
mercy to help them. Enable us to draw 
nigh in faith, and with a holy boldness 
through Jesus Christ, who is the way, the 
truth, and the life ; the Lamb of God, who 


taketb away the sins of the world, and who 
ever liveth, as our advocate with the Father, 
to make intercession for us. 

O God, we are sinners before thee. We 
are guilty in thy sight. We are helpless 
and hopetess. We are without strength to 
save ourselves, and we are without excuse. 
We plead no merits of our own, for we have 
nothing of our Own but our unbelief, ungod- 
liness, and ingratitude toward Thee, in whom 
we live and move, and have our being. O 
God, wert thou to enter into judgment with 
us we could not stand in thy sight. But, 
O our justly offended Father, to whom can 
we go but unto thee ? Thou alone canst 
save us, and pardon our sins, and justify us 
freely for Christ's sake. Our reliance is on 
thy mercy Our confidence is in the Lord 
our Righteousness. Our hope is in thy word 
of invitation, promise, and forgiving love. 
Thou hast said, ask and ye shall receive, 
seek and ye shall find, knock alid the door 
shall be opened. O Lord, behold us here 
asking, seeking, and knocking at the door of 
thy grace. May we ndw receive thy bless- 
ing, and s find mercy, and feel as children at 
home in our Father's house, and in the en- 
joyment of thy pitiful compassion and loving 


kindness. Thou, O our Saviour, hast said, 
Come unto me all ye that are weary and 
heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 
Lord ! through whom can we approach unto 
a holy and just God but by thee, for there 
is no other name under heaven by which 
we can be saved but thine only O Lord 
our God! thou Saviour of the lost! thou 
Redeemer and friend of sinners, we now 
come to thee as a Prince and Saviour to 
give us repentance and remission of sins; to 
bestow upon , us thy peace; to shed abroad 
in our hearts thy love; to impart to us the 
blessings of the gospel and the consolations 
of the Holy Ghost, that we may be filled 
with peace and joy in believing. 

Come, O Saviour, near to us. Draw us 
nearer and nearer to thee. May we feel that 
thou art with us of a truth. May this camp 
be made to us a Bethel, none other than the 
house of 'God and the gate of heaven. Away 
from home, may we feel at home with thee 
who art the dwelling place of thy children. 
Separated from the loved and yearned for 
friends of earth, may we hold communion 
with them around thy mercy seat. Alone, 
solitary, and often sad, may we feel that we 
are, nevertheless, not alone, because thou, 


the beloved of our souls, art with us. Ex- 
posed to dangers, and to many hardships, 
and trials, and temptations, may we be sup- 
ported by thy presence, sustained by thy 
power, and strengthened by thy might, so 
that we may feel — even in the state in which 
we now are — contented, cheerful, and happy. 
May our mutual intercourse be sweetened 
and sanctified, and may we enjoy much of 
the communion of saints, and the love of 
God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit 
in our seasons of private and social worship. 
Preserve health where it is enjoyed. Re- 
store it where it is enfeebled. Renew the 
vigor of those that have been wounded, so 
that they may run and not be weary, and 
walk and not faint. Comfort all who are 
sick and sorrowful. Bless our absent fami- 
lies and friends. Revive pure and undefiled 
religion in our churches, and pour out thy 
Spirit in a Pentecostal shower upon all our 
camps, until the voice of rejoicing and sal- 
vation shall be heard throughout our South- 
ern land. Enable her soon to accomplish 
this warfare by the defeat of her enemies 
and the triumphant establishment of her 
independence, liberty, and peace. Remove 
from us, O Lord, this war which is thy 


sword. Put up thy sword into thy scab- 
hard and ordain. peace for us, for thou art 
the God of peace, who hast proclaimed peace 
on earth and good will to men. Grant these 
requests, thou Prince of peace, and to thee, 
with the Father, and the Holy Ghost, we 
will render all praise, thanksgiving, and 
glory, now, henceforth, and for ever. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 

No. IV 

0GOD, who art the inspirer and hearer of 
prayer, teach us now to pray in an 
acceptable time in which we may be heard, 
and with the effectual, fervent prayer of the 
righteous, which availeth much. As thou 
hast given us an opportunity with one ac- 
cord to make our common supplication unto 
thee, so give us hearts to pray. May the 
Holy Spirit help our infirmities, for we know 
not how to pray, nor what we should pray 
for as we ought. O holy and blessed Com- 
forter ! make intercession for us, with groan- 
ings that cannot be uttered. And, seeing 
we have not a High Priest who cannot be 
touched with a feeling of our infirmities, but' 
one who was in all respects tempted like 


as we are, yet without sin, enable us to come 
with boldness unto the throne of grace, that 
we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help 
in time of need. And oh, do thou, who in 
the days of thy flesh didst offer up prayers 
and supplications with strong crying and 
tears unto Him that was able to save from 
death, hear now our prayer. Intercede for 
us, and become thyself the author of eternal 
salvation unto each of our souls. 

We are now in the flesh. We groan under 
the bondage of its corruption, the lusts of 
the eyes, the lusts of the flesh, and the 
pride of life. The law in our members wars 
against the law of our God, so that when 
we would do good, evil is present with us. 
Give us, O Saviour, power to mortify our 
bodies, and keep them under, and to crucify 
the flesh with its affections and lusts, that 
we may enjoy the liberty of the children of 
God, and present unto thee body, soul, and 
spirit, as a living sacrifice which is our only 
reasonable service. 

We, Lord, are now, even as thou also 
once wert, in the wilderness, tempted of the 
Devil, compassed about with manifold'triale, 
exposed to innumerable dangers, and encir- 
cled by malignant enemies, who wrongfully 


come up against us and seek to destroy us. 
O holy and sympathizing Saviour, permit 
us to lean upon thee as our Beloved. Keep 
us by thy power. Open up for us in this 
dreary desert a fountain of living water 
and wells of salvation, and lead us, as pil- 
grims and strangers, in the right way to 
that inheritance which is incorruptible and 
undefiled, and cannot fade away. Be thou 
our guide and guardian. Keep us near thy 
side. Uphold us by thy powerful hand. 
Strengthen us in our weakness. Comfort 
us in all our tribulations. Defend and de- 
liver us. Subdue our enemies under us. 
Give us valor and victory Cause this war 
to. cease. Make our enemies to be at peace 
with us. Compel their wrath to praise thee, 
and the remainder thereof restrain. Per- 
form toward us the mercy shown to our 
fathers, and remember thy holy covenant 
with them, that we, being saved from our 
enemies, and from the hand of all that hate 
us, may serve thee, without fear, in holiness 
and righteousness before thee, all the days 
of our life. 

Let no trial come upon us but what thoi% 
O our compassionate Saviour, wilt enable 
us to bear. Send forth ministering spirits 


to minister to our necessities, to succor us, 
and to encamp around about us and deliver 
us. Preserve the lives and health of our 
officers and soldiers. Give to our officers 
wisdom, skill, and power, that they may- 
lead us in a plain and safe path because of 
our enemies. Put thy Spirit within them, 
and grant them thy salvation. Make them 
counsellors as well as commanders, that they 
may combine wisdom and sympathy with 
authority and strict discipline, and may 
thus secure the devotion as well as ; the obe- 
dience of their troops. Imbue the heart of 
every soldier with the spirit of implicit and 
cheerful obedience. May they endure all their 
hardships, and discharge every duty, as im- 
posed by God; and do thou, O merciful Father, 
give them patience and resignation to thy 
will, and a single eye to thy glory, and to the 
honor and happiness of their country. Grant 
them a speedy release from the toils and 
ti-ials of soldier life. Eestore them soon to 
their homes, and may they live long to 
enjoy the abundant blessings of peace and 
prosperity. Comfort all among them that 
mourn. Awaken, convince, and convert the 
impenitent. Guide the weary, seeking sin- 
ner to the Saviour, and grant him peace 


and joy in believing. Increase the faith 
and piety of thy true disciples. Heal and 
restore the backsliding, and love us all 
freely Prepare us while living for dying, 
and when dying for death, so that dying 
may be going borne,, a welcome discharge, 
and a joyful entrance into thine everlasting 

Hear and answer these petitions, God, 
for the sake of Jesus Christ, our blessed 
Saviour and Redeemer, to whom, with the 
Father and the eternal Spirit, be everlasting 
praises. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 

No. V 

ALMIGHTY God, fountain of life and im- 
mortality, source of every blessing, the 
gracious Redeemer of our souls, we praise 
and magnify thy glorious name for the gift 
of thy only Son, for the inspiration of the 
Holy Comforter, and for the blessed hope 
of everlasting life. We thank thee, adora- 
ble Redeemer, that thou didst so love the 
world as to pour out thy precious blood for 
sinful man, and that this day thy gracious 
intercession prolongs our life and secures 

■ GENERAL. 25 

the innumerable blessings we continually 
receive. Would it please thee to pardon 
the sins we have committed against thee, for 
we have violated thy law; we have grieved 
thy Spirit ; we have followed the desires of 
an evil heart; we have yielded to tempta- 
tions and lust, and pride and anger; we 
have sinned against thee with our lips and 
in our hearts through all" our life. O most 
merciful Saviour, forgive our transgressions. 
Bring us not into judgment. Banish us not 
from thy presence, but in thy infinite com- 
passion renew and sanctify our hearts. Wash 
us in thy blood. Anoint us with thy Spirit. 
Unfold thy character and law to our minds. 
Teach us to do thy holy will. And so sub- 
due and destroy all worldly passions and 
evil habits that we may adoringly love thee 
and possess the mind that was in Christ 
Jesus our Lord. O Spirit of all grace and 
comfort, quicken our conscience, grant to 
us the evidence and witness of acceptance, 
and ' create within us the holy purpose of 
consecrating ourselves unreservedly to the 
glory of God, and so guide us that we may 
live a useful and happy life in Christ Jesus 
our Saviour. 

Almighty God, we commit us to thy care. 



Guard us in danger. Preserve us from dis- 
ease, and in the day of battle cover our 
heads. Deliver us, we beseech thee, from 
ambitious, and revengeful, and blood-thirsty 
passions, and animate us with a holy love 
of country and respect for our officers, and 
give to us that unity of purpose and power, 
and so display thy providence that our 
enemies may be smitten, and the lustre of a 
great victory gather around the brow of the 
Son of God. Save our country and our 
rulers, keep our people in union of spirit 
and dependence on Thee, and make thy law 
the great pillar of government. 

O Father of mercy, blesS our homes, fold 
to thy guardian bosom those whom we have 
left, and console and preserve them with thy 
most tender care, should any of us be called 
to die. Deliver us from the temptations and 
depravity of the camp, and grant that in 
thy good providence we may return to our 
homes to love thee with a perfect heart, 
and to serve thee with a willing mind. In 
every moment of darkness and fear, of 
weakness and want, in camp or in hospital, 
on the march or in battle, come thou near, 
O Son of God; be thou our shield, and song, 
and the great Bock of our defence. 


O Father of mercy, our life, our souls, 
our immortality are in" thy hands. Increase 
within us a lively faith in thy mercy through 
Christ Jesus, and in thy all-protecting prov- 
idence, that whatever our condition may be, 
in sickness or in health, in life or in death, 
we may find acceptance through his precious 
blood, and enjoy the blessed hope of ever- 
lasting life. 

O Lord, we would cheerfully submit to 
our duties, dangers, and difficulties, with 
an humble reliance on thy fatherly care. 
Strengthen our purpose, and confirm us in 
a determined resistance to every sin, and 
assist us in the regular and faithful dis- 
charge of every religious and civil duty 
Hear us, we beseech thee, O Merciful Fa- 
ther, and accept us in Jesus Christ who died 
for us; and to thee, the God of all grace, we 
will ascribe praise and glory for ever and 
ever, through the infinite love of Christ 
Jesus our Lord. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 



No. I. 
A Prayer in anticipation of Battle. 
GOD, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, thou 

hast said, Call upon me in the day of 
trouble, and 1 will hear thee and deliver thee. 
We, therefore, now appi*oach thee in our 
time of danger. The enemy is near and 
round about us, and we may soon be called 
upon to hazard our lives in the field of bat- 
tle; and some of us be wounded or suddenly 
cut down in the midst of our days. O God, 
who hast called thyself a man of war, be not 
far from us.. Thou didst fight for Israel; 
and our fathers have told us what wonders 
thou didst perform in their days; how thou 
didst dash in pieces their enemies, and sub- 
due them under them; and how in the great- 
ness of thine excellency thou didst over- 
throw those that rose up against them. We, 
therefore, look to thee who didst deliver 
them from death, and beseech thee to go 
with our army; to become our Leader and 
Commander; and to teach our hands to 
war, and our fingers to fight, that we may 
wax valiant and fight manfully, and be made 


mighty through Thee, to drive back and to 
destroy our enemies. 

We tihank and praise Thy glorious Name, 
that thou hast afflicted us less than our in- 
iquities deserved. Kemember not against 
us our innumerable offences. Let thy tender 
mercies save us from their guilt, and wash us 
from their pollution in the fountain opened 
for sin and uneleanness. O Lord, be gra- 
cious unto us for Christ's sake, that being- 
justified by faith in him we may have peace 
with God, and with our own consciences. 
Impart to us a sweet hope that thou art our 
reconciled God and Father; that the sj>irit 
of love may cast out all fear. Hearken unto 
our voice, O Lord, while we now cry unto 
thee. Have mercy upon us, and hear us. Be 
thou, O Lord, the strength of each heart, our 
light, and our salvation ; and then, though 
an host should come up against us, yet shall 
we not be afraid of them who, when they 
have killed the' body, have nothing more 
that they can do. 

But, while thus confessing our sins, and 
imploring mercy for Christ's sake, we plead 
before thee the righteousness of our cause. 
We contend for liberty of conscience, liberty 
of worship, and liberty of life. We stand in 


defence of home, and happiness, and the her- 
itage thou hast given us, and which our 
fathers bought for us with their own blood. 
Arise, O thou to whom belongeth vengeance, 
and plead our cause against an unjust and 
ungodly nation, who have wrongfully come 
up against us to destroy us. 

O most powerful and glorious Lord God, 
who sittest in the throne judging right: we 
beseech thee to take the cause into thine 
own hand, and judge between us and our 
enemies. Stir up thy strength, O Lord, and 
come and help us. and avenge us speedily 
for the oppression of the poor; for the sigh- 
ing of the needy; for the miseries of the 
widow and the orphan ; for thy sanctuaries 
denied; for thy Name blasphemed; for thy 
laws despised and made subject to a higher 
law; for virtuous chastity dishonored, and 
innocent blood shed without cause; for 
thousands of thine own dear children — the 
friends of Jesus, and the nursing fathers of 
thy Church — ruthlessly slaughtered ; for 
these things, O God, who wilt not hold their 
perpetrators guiltless, arise and be known 
by the judgments thou shalt execute upon 
them. And may it be made evident to us, 
and to our enemies, that this battle is the 


Lord's, that the Lord God of hosts is on our 
side, and fighteth for us, and that thou art 
our Saviour and mighty deliverer. 

We have no might, O Lord, against this 
great company who come up against us, 
neither know we what to do, but our eyes 
are upon thee. Lord, it is nothing with thee 
to help with many, or with them that have no 
power, for the battle is not to the strong, 
neither is it by might nor by power. With 
thee, O Lord, is wisdom and strength. Thou 
hast power to exalt, and to cast down. 
Thine, O Lord, is the greatness and the vic- 
tory. O Lord our God, go with us, and lead 
us up against our enemies, and save us. In- 
spire our generals with wisdom, and power, 
and strategy, and skill, and cover their heads 
in the hour of battle, and let no weapon 
aimed against them prosper. Imbue the 
minds of all our officers and soldiers with 
confidence in thee, and in each other,*' with 
calmness, coolness, valor, and heroic devo- 
tion; and crown our contest with victory. 

And now, O God our Saviour, into thy 
hands we commit each other, not knowing 
what shall befall us; but '•being joyfully as- 
sured that with thee are the issues of life 
and death; that thou hast the keys of death 


and the grave; and that as thou appointest 
for each one of lis the time, and place, and 
manner of our death, thpu art able to keep 
all that wcnow cast upon thy merciful prov- 
idence, so that if we live we may live unio 
the Lord, and if we die we may die unto the 
Lord, that whether living or dying we may 
be the Lord's. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord and Saviour, etc. 

No. II. 

A Prayer and Thanksgiving for Victory. 

[ L MIGHTY, everlasting, and ever blessed 
J\_ (U>d. who is a God, like unto thee, glori- 
ous m holiness, fearful in praises, a God who 
doe 1 -. t wonders? Thou rulest the raging of 
the sea and the tumult of the people; when 
the .v> ;ives thereof arise thou stillest them. 
The nas£ discomfited and driven back for 
us the gathered hosts of our enemies. Thou 
hast scattered them with thy strong arm. 
The Mout hearted are broken in pieces as a 
pott, r's vessel. At thy rebuke, O God, they 
fled, and the chief captains and the mighty 
men of Valor have slept their last sleep. This 


is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in 
our eyes. We would now stand still, and 
see the salvation of God. With wonder, 
gratitude, and praise we exclaim, what hath 
God wrought ! Not unto us, O God, not 
unto us, but unto thy great name, be all 
the glory. Thine own right hand and thy 
holy arm have gotten us this victory. 

We bless thee, "0 God, for our able gen- 
erals, gallant officers, and heroic soldiers. 
But it has not been by the skill of our 
generals, nor by the intrepidity of our offi- 
cers, nor by the multitude of our mighty 
men of valor vHk have been saved. If it had 
not bpen that thou, O Lord, wast on our 
side to fight for us, and to break the bow, 
the shield, the sword, and the battle, we may 
now well say that when the hosts of our ene- 
mies rose up against us and compassed us 
about like bees, then had they swallowed us 
up quick, when their wrath against us was 
kindled ; then the waters had overwhelmed 
us, the stream had gone over our souls. 
Blessed be the Lord, who has not given us 
as a prey unto their teeth. Our soul is?es- 
eaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowl- 
er. The snare is broken, and we are es- 
caped. Our help was in thy name, O Lord, 


who made heaven and earth. Praise wait- 
eth for thee, O God, in Zion. We would 
think of thy loving kindness in the midst 
of thy temple. Safety coineth from thee, 
O Lord. Thou wast our shield and buckler. 
Thou, O Lord, didst preserve us from fear, 
so that we were not terrified because of 
them. Thou didst turn the perilous edge 
of battle, riding upon its whirlwind, and 
directing its storm. Thou hast broken forth 
.upon our enemies as a breach of waters. 
Thou hast avenged us, and brought the peo- 
ple under us. May all thy people know that 
this battle was the Lord's, wfeo has given it 
into our hands, for thou, O God, hast power 
to help and to east down. Blessed be the 
Lord, who has had mercy upon us, and 
saved us, not by sword, nor by battle, nor 
by horses, nor by horsemen ; but by the 
Lord, 'our God, who has done marvellous 
things. Thine, O Lord, be the greatness, 
and the power, and the glory, and the vic- 
tory, and the majesty. We thank thee, and 
praise. thy glorious Name. 

But oh, our good and gracious God, thou 
hast also called us to a deep humiliation and 
sorrow, by turning our victory into mourning 
for the many brave and good men through 


whose heroic deaths Thou hast given it to us. 
We would thank thee for all in them' that 
was lofty and honorable in character and 
conduct; for that self-sacrificing devotion 
which made them fearless of danger, faith- 
ful unto death, and willing, by their deaths, 
to secure the independence and glory of 'their 
country. 'We thank thee for the noble exam- 
ple of their lives, and their illustrious tes- 
timony to the righteousness of our cause, 
which they have sealed with their blood. 
May their names be held in everlasting re- 
membrance by' a grateful country, and gra<ce 
withhonor th$r remotest posterity. Sustain 
the hearts of their bereaved widows and or- 
phans, and provide for, protect, and bless 
them through life, and in death. 

Let thy merciful compassions, O Lord 
God, be extended to our wounded comrades. 
Sustain them in the endurance of their ago- 
nizing pains of body and affliction of soul- 
'Inspire them with patient resignation to thy 
holy will, and impart to them the consola- 
tions' of thy gracious presence. May they 
rejoice in being counted worthy to suffer in 
a cause so sacred and lofty. May their 
spared lives lead them- to repentance and 
l'econciliation with thee, through Jesus 


Christ our Lord; and may they yet live to 
do battle for their endangered country, and 
to enjoy the rewards of a peaceful and pros- 
perous future, and the blissful hope of ever- 
lasting life. 

Take under -thy most tender and compas- 
sionate care those whose wounds are mortal, 
and whom thou hast appointed to die.. Dis- 
arm death of its sting, and the grave of its 
victory. In the midst of their torturing 
pain,- and sinking spirits, and dying strife, 
may Thy consolations delight their souls. 
Visit them with thy salvation. Oh, holy 
Saviour, give them thy peace. Send them 
thy blessed Comforter. Make thy grace suf- 
ficient for them. Lift their hearts to thee, 
and to heavenly joys. Deliver them from 
all fears and doubts. Sustain and cheer 
them when entering into the dark valley of 
the shadow of death. Give them victory 
beyond the grave, and a crown of glory 
that fadeth not away 

And now unto God's gracious mercy and 
protection we commit ourselves. The Lord 
bless us, and keep us. The Lord make his 
face to shine upon us, and be gracious unto 
us. The Lord lift up his countenance upon 
us, and give us peace both now and for ever- 


more. Amen. To thee, therefore, our dear 
Father, our Creator, Protector, Governor, 
and Defender, and to thy beloved Son Jesus 
Christ, our only Prince, Kedeemer, Justifier, 
and Intercessor, and to thy Holy Spirit, our 
Sanctifier, Instructor, and Comforter, be all 
dominion, power, and glory, for ever and 
ever. Amen. 
"Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 

No. III. 

Prayer and Confession after a Repulse or 

ALMIGHTY and most merciful God, our. 
Heavenly Father, the protector of all 
who put their trust in thee, and the refuge 
of all- who fly unto thee, and a very present 
help in time of need to all who call upon 
thee, thou seest us prostrate in thy presence 
to do homage to thy supreme majesty; to 
confess our sins to thee, and to cast upon 
thee our burden of grief. Did we follow the 
present emotions of our own hearts, we 
would not presume. to approach thee, but 
would fly from thy presence. But, O Lord, 


though our sins and miseries oppress us, thy 
mercies lift us up. We lay hold of thy sweet 
and soothing promises, which are all yea and 
amen in Christ Jesus, and secured *to us hy 
thine immutable covenant and unchangeable 
perfections. Thou art a God merciful and 
gracious, slow to auger, and abundant in 
goodness; foi'giving sin and imputing not in- 
iquity, compassionately receiving thy back- 
sliding children who return unto thee with 
penitent and contrite hearts, and exercising 
toward them yearning sympathy, even when 
thou chastenest them for their good. En- 
couraged by such merciful assurances, our 
trembling hearts, full of fears and cast down 
and disquieted within us, are inspired with 
ardent hopes that thou wilt grant us the 
present aid of thy powerful providence and 
illimitable grace. 

We have .always, O Lord, need of thy com- 
forting, sustaining, and directing presence; 
but how we are in circumstances of such 
deep calamity and distress that thou alone 
canst direct and defend us. Thou hast put 
us to shame before our enemies. Thou hast 
deeply humbled our pride, and disappointed 
our hopes, and mortified our ambition. Thou 
hast not gone up with our armies. We 


thought, Lord, thou wert with lis as at 
other times, and knew not that the Lord had 
departed from us. But thou hast discomfited 
'us ''before the enemy, and turned us back, 
and smitten us. We acknowledge, Lord, 
thy holy, wise, and powerful providence in 
our calamity. Thou hast brought this evil 
upon us, and it is by thee we have been 
stricken and afflicted. For all things come 
alike from thee, and thou hast taught us that 
no affliction springeth from the dust, neither 
eometh by chance, and that ^Jieve can be no 
evil in a city which thou hast not done. 

Thou, O Lord, hast brought this evil upon 
us because we have sinned against thee and 
provoked thee to enter into judgment with 
us. Father, we have sinned against heaven 
and in thy sight. Our own hearts condemn 
us, and thou, O Lord, art greater than our 
hearts, and knowest all things. Our daily 
lives, and words, and actions testify against 
us and condemn us. We have sinned with 
our lips, and our tongues have uttered un- 
godly speeches against thee. Out of our 
hearts have proceeded evil thoughts, fornica- 
tion, adultery, and impurity. We are selfish, 
sensual, and unholy Pride has compassed 
us about as with a chain. We have littered 


great swelling words of vanity, saying, who 
is the Lord that he should reign over us. 
We have lived as if we were our own, and 
not as those who have, been created, and 
redeemed by thee. We have forsaken and 
forgotten thee, and lived without God and 
without hope in the world. We, have set at 
naught thy word and commandments, neg- 
lected thy great salvation, left unreadj thy 
holy book, dishonored thy holy Sabbaths, 
profaned thy divine and awful name, trifled 
with the salvation of our souls, refused to 
hear, to obey, and to believe upon thy Son, 
our blessed Lord and Saviour, and have 
withheld from him our hearts, and the open 
confession of our mouths, and the" 1 living 
sacrifice of obedient lives. We have grieved 
the Holy Spirit of promise, and resisted all 
his gracious influences working in us to will 
and do of thy, good pleasure. We have 
trusted in our own wisdom, and might, and 
bravery, and boasted of our skill and su- 
periority, and glorified in our leaders and 
armies, and have said that by our own hands 
we have gotten us our victories. We have 
forgotten, O God, thy manifold mercies in 
the preservation of our lives, the healing of 
our diseases, the deliverances of our armies, 


and defeats of our enemies, in the supply of 
your daily wants, and the protection thrown 
ground our generals, 6fficers, and soldiers the diseases of the camp and the dan- 
gers of hattle. "We have murmured and 
complained against thee on account of our 
trials, and forgotten all thy benefits with 
which thou hast daily enriched us. "We. have 
restrained prayer before God, and have not 
called upon thee in sincerity and truth, but 
have' mocked thee with words of prayer, 
while our hearts were far from thee. For 
these, and innumerable other sins with which 
we and our people have sinned against thee, 
Q God, thou hast righteously entered into 
judgment with us, and mightest justly cast 
us off for ever and give us up as a prey to 
our enemies. 

But, O merciful God and Saviour, though 
we have thus grievously provoked thee to 
anger , and moved thee to jealousy, be not 
very wroth with us., and retain not thine 
anger against us. Pardon our iniquities, 
for thy Name's sake, for they are great. 
Reconcile us unto thyself through Christ 
our Saviour, that we may have peace with 
thee. Forsake not thy sanctuaries, and for- 
get not thy covenant. Give not our glory to 


our enemies, even the inheritance which thy 
right hand purchased, which thou didst give 
to our fathers after driving out the heathen 
before them, and in which thou didst make 
them to dwell safely, so that they feared 
not. ■• Return, therefore, O Lord, and let it 
repent thee concerning thy servants. re- 
member not against us former iniquities, but 
let thy tender mercies speedily restore us, 
for we are brought very low. Help us, 
Lord, for the glory of thy name, and turn 
us, O God of our salvation, and cause thine 
anger toward us to cease. Forgive the iniq- 
uity of our people, and cover all their sins. 
Revive us again, that thy people may re- 

God of our fathers, and God of battles, 
hear these warriors who now call upon thee. 
Answer us from thy secret place of thunder. 
Keep not silence, O God. Hold not thy 
peace. Our enemies, with one consent, have 
taken crafty counsel against thy people and 
are confederate against them, saying, Come, 
let us cut them off from being a nation, that 
the name of the Confederate States may be 
no more in remembrance. O God, in whom, 
though thou slayest us, we will still trust, 
thou standest in the congregation of the 


mighty and judgest among them who think 
they are gods. Arise, O God, and judge 
them, that they may know that Thou whose 
name alone is Jehovah art the most high 
over all the earth. Be thou known among 
them and in our sight, by revenging the 
blood of thy servants which they have shed 
like water. Pour out upon them thy wrath, 
for they have devoured our substance, and 
laid waste our dwelling places, and burned 
thy churches, and ravaged our cities, and 
outraged our women, and blasphemously set 
at naught all laws, human and divine. 
thou Supreme Judge and Eulerof the earth, 
let these crimes, and the cries of -mothers, 
wives, and daughtei'S, and of helpless widows 
and orphans come up before thee', and do 
thou avenge us speedily. Defend the poor 
and fatherless. Do justice to the afflicted 
and needy. Let the sighing of the prisoner 
come before thee. According to the great- 
ness of thy power and mercy preserve thou 
those that are appointed to die. Render 
unto our enemies sevenfold into their own 
bosom. Persecute them with thy tempest, 
and make them ffcfraid with thy storm, and 
may the angel of death destroy them. Fill 
their faces with shame, that they may seek 


thy name, O Lord,, and repent and be saved, 
lest they be confounded and troubled for 
ever, and perish with all thine enemies, 

Quicken Thou us, so will not we go back 
from thee, and we will call upon thy name. 
Turn us again, O Lord of hosts, and cause 
thy face to shine upon us, and give us 
strength for battle and confidence, because 
of thy presence with us, and approval of us 
and of our righteous cause, and we shall yet 
be saved. 

So we, thy people, and sheep of thy pas- 
ture, will give thee thanks for ever. We will 
show forth thy praise to all generations. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 

No. IV 

For a Day of Thanksgiving. 

THINE, O Lord, is the greatness, and the 
power, and the glory, and the victory, 
and the majesty, for all that is in the heaven 
and the earth is -thine. Both riches and 
honor come of thee, and thou reignest over 
all, and in thine hand are power and mightJ 
and in thine hand it is to make great, anq 


to give strength unto all. Thou, O Lord, 
art our Father and our Redeemer. We 
thank thee, and praise thy glorious name, 
which is exalted above all blessing and 
power. O God, thou art our God, and we 
will praise thee,, our fathers' God, and we 
will exalt thee. 

Blessed be thy great and glorious name 
who hast don-e so great things for us, where- 
of we are glad. We rejoice in thy judg- 
ments, O God. We come into thy presence 
with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise 
unto thee with psalms. We are thankful 
unto thee, and bless thy name. Thou, O 
Lord, art our roflk, and our fortress, and our 
deliverer. When the pains of death com- 
passed us and the floods of ungodly men 
made us afraid, in our distress we called upon 
thee, and thou didst hear our voice out of 
thy temple. Thou didst send from heaven 
and draw us out of many waters, from the 
power of our strong enemies and from them 
that hated us. Thou hast girded us with 
strength to battle, and hast subdued under us 
them that rose up against us, and broken 
their bands asunder. .Let the heavens re- 
joice and let the earth be glad, and let men 
say the Lord reign eth. Unto thee, O Lord, 


we would give the glory due unto thy name.. 
We would bring an offering, and worship 
and bow down before thee in the beauty of 
thine holiness. 

How wonderful have been thy works to- 
ward us as a people, O Lord. Truly may it 
be said of us that as a nation we were born 
in a day Thou hast not done such great 
things for any people under the whole heav- 
ens as thou hast done for us. "We adore thy 
holy- wise, and powerful providence, which 
for so many years, and in such inscrutable 
ways, has led to the division of this great 
country, so as to sever us from a Union 
which was in its origin unnatural and im- 
politic, and in its experience disastrous to 
every object contemplated by it, and to 
every interest of these Southern states, and 
perverted to sectional injustice, usurpation, 
and tyranny, and to a fanatical and irre- 
pressible conflict with the institutions, prop- 
erty, peace, and good name of the South. 1 
We adore, O God, that mighty, though in- 
visible power by which thou didst infatuate 
our enemies to prosecute this war against us; 
which united the people of our Southern 
states with such marvellous harmony, un- 
der a constitution recognizing Thy suprem- 


ady, and framed with humble praj^er for thy 
guidance, and in confident reliance upon thy 
protecting care ; which has preserved us from 
all' discord and division; which has crowned 
our arms with such illustrious victories ; 
which has sustained and encouraged us in 
tiYnes of disaster, and under all the inhu- 
manities of our merciless foes ; which has 
crowned the year with thy goodness, and 
supplied the necessities of man and beast; 
which has given us fame and favor among 
the nations; which has preserved our slaves 
in loyalty and industrious quietness ; which 
has made us mighty to resist the utmost 
power and gigantic resources of our ene- 
mies; which has more and more melted us 
a people into one concentrated mass of liv- 
ing', valor and patriotic endurance, while our 
enemies have been divided and distracted; 
and which is now inspiring us with the as- 
surance of success, and the animating hope 
of a peaceful, propitious, and honorable in- 
dependence. We would in a special manner 
thank thee, O Father of mercies, for those 
recent events, etc. [Here enumerate."] 

And now, O Lord, our good and gracious 
God, continue with us. Abide among us. 
Go up with us and with our armies, and fight 


for us, that all may know that thou art 
with us; that this battle is the Lord's, and 
that our cause is of God, and must prevail. 
Strengthen, therefore, the things which thou 
hast already wrought for us and by us. 
Give ear, O Shephei-d of Israel; thou that 
dwellest between the cherubim, shine forth. 
Stir up thy strength, and come and save 
us. O Lord, our God, how long wilt thou be 
angry against the prayer of thy people., 
Turn us "again, God of Hosts, and cause 
thy face to shine and we shall be saved. 

We bless thee, Lord, who dividest the 
nations their inheritance, and settest the 
bounds of the people, that thou hast planted 
us in a very fruitful field, and hast not made 
the wilderness our habitation, nor the barren 
land our dwelling. Lord, thou hast dealt 
favorably with our land, and made it to yield 
its increase and bring forth abundantly, both 
for the clothing and the food of man. 'Thou 
hast given us a pleasant land — Emmanuel's 
land. Thou hast set up thy tabernacle 
among us, and thy sanctuaries are in the 
midst of us, and because thou hast loved our 
people, therefore thou hast set a good gov- 
ernment over us: to insure domestic tran- 
quillity and provide for the common de- 


fence; to promote the general welfare and 
secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves 
and our posterity. We have heard, O Lord, 
with our ears, and our fathers have told us 
what thou didst for them in their days ; 
and as we have heard, so have we seen their 
glory made, to appear unto their children. 
And now, as we think of all thy loving 
kindness in the midst of thy temple, let our 
thanksgiving and prayer come up with ac- 
ceptance before thee. May thy answer in 
our hearts cheer us, and thy presence em- 
bolden, and thy providence uplift us. Fill 
our hearts with the glow of living patriot- 
ism, and nerve them with fortitude and 
valor' in enduring, daring, and doing all that 
is needful to successful resistance and to 
triumphant peace. Establish thou the work 
of our hands; yea, the wOrk of our hands 
establish thou it. 

Based upon justice, truth, and equity, im- 
bued with the spirit of honor, good will, and 
magnanimity, and guided by thy word, will, 
and providence, may our country be exalted 
more and more in name and in honor among 
the nations of the earth, and established as 
a holy people unto thyself. May she be 
blessed by thee in the city and in the field ; 


in the fruit of her. body and the fruit of her 
ground ; in the fruft of her cattle, increase 
of kine, and flocks of sheep ; in her basket 
and in her store; in her agriculture, her 
commerce, and her manufactures; in science, 
learning, and piety; in statesmanship and 
public faith. 

Let the wickedness of the wicked come 
to an end, but establish thou the just, 
righteous God. Inspire many to stand up 
for thee against the workers of iniquity, and 
for the truth, purity, and power of thy glo- 
rious gospel. Counsel our counsellors, and 
give our senators wisdom, that the things 
which belong to a nation's peace and pros- 
perity may not be hid from a nation's coun- 
sels. May our rulers be just, ruling in the 
fear of God. May our judges remember that 
they judge not for men but for the Lord, 
who is with them in judgment, that the fear 
of the Lord may be upon them. Make all 
in authority over us able men, men of truth, 
fearing God and hating covetousness, , that 
they may defend the poor and fatherless, do 
justiceto the afflicted and needy, and vindi- 
cate the oppressed. 

Bless, O Lord, our soldiers who jeopard 
their lives in the high places of the field. 


Give them the shield of thy salvation. Let 
thy right hand hold them up, and cover 
their, heads in the day of battle. Through 
thoe may they do valiantly. Yea, let God 
himself tread down our enemies. As they 
have'taken the sword let them perish bj r the 
sword. Give them as, dust to our sword, 
and as stubble to our bow. Let us be a 
people saved by the Lord, as the shield of 
our help and the sword of our excellency; 
and make our enemies sensible that the Lord 
of Hosts is with us, and fighteth for us 
against them. 

Preserve the life and v health of our Presi- 
dent and generals, for whom we thank thee, 
and for whom we supplicate thy continued 
blessing; that, endued with all wisdom, skill, 
and power, they may become our deliverers. 
Give Unity, efficiency, and all needful grace 
and guidance to our officers, and' the spirit 
of obedience, alacrity, and devotion to our 
soldiers. Keep them in good health, heart, 
and hope, and comfort them under all their 
hardships. . .Eestore the strength of the 
wounded and sick. Prepare the living for 
dying, and the dying for the death of the 
righteous, and recompense them all for their 
heroic sacrifices ana sufferings, with thy 


favor and the everlasting gratitude of their 
redeemed and regenerated country. 

Pitifully compassionate the misery of them 
that are in captivity. Let the sighing of 
the prisoner come before /thee. Give them 
grace, though bound in affliction ana iron, 
to cry unto thee in ..their trouble, and to 
humble themselves, and pray, and seek thy 
face, so that even in the innermost prison 
they may sing praises unto God. Be with 
them as with Joseph, and show them, mercy, 
and grant them thy salvation. Strengthen 
their faith and patience in suffering, that 
they may both hope and quietly wait until 
thou shalt open their prison doors, and set 
them in safety into a large place. 

May the time speedily come when our 
enemies shall be at peace with us; when 
thou wilt break the bow, and the sword, and 
the battle; when thy people shall be no 
more terrified by rude alarms of raging 
foes; when thou wilt make this war to cease, 
and ordain peace for us; and our people 
shall learn war no more. O Thou that savest 
by thy right hand them that put their trust 
in thee from those that rise up against them, 
show us thy marvellous loving kindness, and 
hide us under the shadow of thy wings. 


Thou who hast delivered — doth deliver — we 
trust and pray, wilt yet deliver us from all 
our fears, that we may dwell safely under 
our own vine and fig tree, none daring to 
make us afraid. 

The God of peace accept our thanks, and 
hear our prayers, and grant unto us the 
things we have requested of him, and cause 
his face to shine upon us for the Lord's 
sake, who is the son of his love ; and unto 
God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost be glori- 
as it was in the beginning, is now, and ev^ 
shall be, world without end. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. . 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 

No. V 

For a Day of Humiliation, Fasting, and 


ALMIGHTY and most merciful God, who 
art the Rock of our Salvation, our 
fefuge and defence, the hope of Israel and 
the Saviour thereof in the time of trouble, 
regard in tender compassion the supplica- 
tions of thy servants who now approach 
thee in the name of thy dear Son, Jesus 
Christ our Lord. In unison with thy people 


throughout our land, we now humbly ap- 
proach thee, the great and terrible God, to 
whom belongeth vengeance. Thy judgments 
are abroad among us. We are brought very 
low. The whole land mourneth because of 
the oppressions of the enemy. Our cities 
are destroyed, our sanctuaries are desolate, 
our homes are ravaged, and our fields laid 
waste. Our people are scattered and peejed, 
suffering the loss of all things, and enduring 
persecution, privation, and manifold calami- 
ties. O Lord, thou hast shown thy people- 
hard things, and made us to drink the wine 
of astonishment. Because of our sins thou 
hast brought all these evils upon us, and 
given our enemies power to inflict upon us 
indescribable misery and irreparable wrongs. 
And yet, O Lord God, to whom can we fly 
for succor but unto thee, who hast stricken' 
and afflicted us? O Lord, righteousness, 
belongeth unto thee. Unto thee, O Lord 
God, belongeth also mercies and forgive- 
nesses, though we have rebelled against thee. 
Thou keepest covenant with them that love 
thee, and changest not. If thy children 
forsake thy laws and walk not in thy. judg- 
ments, then thou dost visit their trans- 
gression with the rod, and their iniquity 

' SPECIAL. 55 

with stripes. Nevertheless, thy loving kind- 
ness thou wilt not utterly take from them, 
nor. suffer thy faithfulness to fail. Be it 
unto us now, O Lord, according to these 
words in which "thou hast caused us to hope. 
Be favorable unto thy land. Forgive the 
iniquity of thy people, and cover all our 
sins. Turn us, O God of our salvation, and 
cause thine anger toward us to cease. Ee- 
vive us again, that thy people may rejoice 
in thee. Show us thy mercy, and grant us 
thy salvation. Wilt not thou, O God, who 
hast cast us off, and who hast not gone out 
with our armies as heretofore, speak p.ace 
unto thy people, and give us help from 
trouble ? for vain is the help of man. 

Wo confess that we, our rulers, and our 
fathers have sinned against thee. We 
have done wickedly, and have rebelled, even 
by departing from thy precepts and from 
thy judgments. Neither have we obeyed 
the voice of the Lord our God, to walk in 
his laws which he set before us by his ser- 
vants. We confess and bewail before thee, 
God, that pride, prodigality, worldliness. 
and eovetousness which is idolatry in thy 
sight ; that profanity of thy holy name and 
Sabbaths; that drunkenness, gambling;:, and 


licentiousness; that irreligion, infidelity, and 
utter neglect of thy Word, of Christ, and of 
the great salvation; and that spirit of boast- 
ing and self-confident glorying, which, to so 
alarming an extent, prevail among us. We 
have slighted thy mercies, and abused thy 
grace and goodness to hardened impeni- 
tence, so that because sentence against sin 
was not exacted speedily, the hearts of 
many have been fully set in them to do evil. 
We have been forgetful of thy bounty, and 
regardless of thine honor. We have lived 
unto ourselves as if we were our own, and 
have not loved nor served Thee, who didst 
make us for thine honor and glory, who hast 
preserved and kept us alive, and hast bought 
us with the precious blood of Christ. We, 
have sinned, O Lord, and have offended 
against thee. We are accused by our own 
consciences, and our lives testify against us. 
We are therefore covered with shame, and 
acknowledge that we are verily guilty in 
thy sight. Chastened as we now are by 
the strokes of thy providence {here enumer- 
ate the special grounds of humiliation'], we 
confess that we have provoked thine anger, 
and although thou wert to afflict us with 
still severer judgments, we can only say 


that our crirrtes have deserved them all, and 
that Thou art. a most righteous and mer- 
ciful judge, who punishest not thy people 
without cause. 

But, O Lord, thou art still doubtless our 
Father, and our Redeemer, who delightest 
iii mercy. Chasten us not in fury, but in 
the midst of judgment remember mercy. 
As thou didst open a door of hope and deliv- 
erance to thy people Israel, and to our 
fathers when they turned unto thee, and 
didst avert thy chastening hand and the 
calamities in which they were involved, and 
didst never reject their prayer, nor utterly 
forsake or give them over to the power of 
their enemies, so do Thou now. Turn our 
hearts unto thee, O God, in unfeigned faith 
and sincere repentance, and turn Thyself 
unto us and bless us, that the whole world 
may acknowledge that thou art God our 
Saviour. Thou hast made with us an ever- 
lasting covenant, written in the blood and 
sealed by the death of Jesus Christ our 
Saviour, and now, renouncing all self-de- 
pendence and all other grounds of confi- 
dence, we fly to this blessed hope set before 
us. Look, therefore, O Lord, upon the face 
of thy Christ, and not Upon us, and for the 


sake of His infinite merits and intercession, 
let thine anger be appeased, and thy face 
shine upon us. For Ilis sake forgive our 
national, our family, our individual, and all 
other our sins and iniquities. Blot out our 
transgressions as a thick cloud, and say tc 
us, I have forgiven you. And for thy name's 
sake, O God, pour out thy Holy Spirit upon 
us as a Spirit of repentance and reformation, 
and create within us new hearts, and renew 
a right spirit within us. 

And now, O Lord, that thou hast brought 
thy people forth from among our enemies 
with a high hand, and hast ordained for 
them a government, and hast preserved and 
prospered them, and blessed their counsels 
and their arms, and hast gotten thee re- 
nown, now, therefore, O our God, hear the 
prayer of thy servants and their supplica- 
tions, for the Lord's sake. Open thine eyes 
and behold our desolations, for we do not 
present our supplications before thee for our 
righteousness, but for thy great mercies. 
How long, Lord, shall our enemies ravage 
our inheritance and defile thy sanctuaries? 
Wilt thou be angry for ever ? Shall thy 
jealousy burn like fire? O remember not 
against us former iniquities, but let thy ten- 


der mercies speedily prevent us, for we are 
brought very low. Help us, O God of our 
salvation, for the glory of thy Name, and 
deliver us, and purge away our sins. Where- 
fore should our enemies say, Where is their 
God? Let Him be known among these 
boastful Philistines by the revenging of the 
blood of thy servants which is shed. And 
render unto our enemies sevenfold into their 
bosom their reproach wherewith they have* 
reproached thee, O Lord. So we, thy peo- 
ple, and sheep of thy' pasture, will give 
thanks to Thee for ever. We will show 
forth thy praise to all generations. 

Heavenly Father, for thy dear Son's sake, 
hear these our prayers. O Lord hear. O 
Lord forgive, hearken, and do. Defer not 
for thine own sake, our God, and for the 
sake of thy dear Son, our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ, in whose most blessed name 
and perfect form of words we further call- 
upon thee, saying : 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 


No. VI. 

For a Revival. 

0LORD, our God and Heavenly Father, 
thou hast taught us that as earthly- 
parents, being evil, know how to give good 
gifts unto their children, much more wilt 
thou give thy Holy Spirit to them that ask 
it. O help us now so to ask that we shall 
deceive the communications of this ever 
blessed Advocate, Comforter, and Sanctifler. 
Hay he be given unto us and abide with us. 
May he convince us of our sin in rejecting 
thee in thy law, and Christ. in his glorious 
gospel. May he convince us of the divine 
claims of Christ, and of his cause to our love 
and service, by the workings of his mighty 
power within our hearts. May he convince 
us that we must all stand before the judg- 
ment seat of Christ, that we may receive, 
according to the deeds done while in oui 
bodies, whether they have been good, or 
whether they have been evil. May he wpri^ 
in us to will and to do, in order that we may 
successfully work out our salvation with feai 
and trembling, giving all diligence to make 
our calling and election sure. 

Come, thou transforming Spirit, and 


breathe upon our poor, weak, sinful hearts, 
which are like dry bones in the valley, very 
niany and very dry. Dead in trespasses and 
sins, may we be made alive unto God. Quick- 
en us by thy life-giving power. Breathe into 
us the breath of 'spiritual life. Awaken, 
arouse, and revive our sluggish souls. Bring 
home to our minds the truth of thy holy 
word, that, being received into good and 
honest hearts, it may enlighten our eyes, 
make wise the simple, convert our souls, arid 
rejoice our hearts. Make eternal realities 
so to rest upon us, and the terrors of the 
Lord so to alarm us, that we shall fly from 
the wrath to come, and lay hold on the hope 
set before us, looking unto Jesus as the 
author and finisher of faith, and receiving 
and resting upon him for salvation. May 
we be born again, and made new creatures 
in Christ Jesus. "i 

O Lord, according to thy promise, pour 
out thy Holy Spirit upon our camps, upon 
our young men, and upon our servants. May 
he enlighten our understandings, and shed 
abroad thy love in our hearts. May he 
guide us into all truth. May he open blind 
eyes and unstop deaf ears, that we may all 
be converted and saved. Grant unto us the 


spirit of grace and supplication. Teach us 
to cry mightily unto thee, and to wrestle 
with thee, and not let thee go until thou 
open windows of heaven, and pour us out a 
blessing, so that we shall, not have room to 
receive it. "* 

Make this camp a Bethel. Show us thy 
glory as we have seen thee in the sanctuary 
Wilt thou not review us again ? O Lord, 
revive thy work; in the midst of wrath re- 
member mercy. Make thy word the sword 
of the Spirit, and sharper than any two- 
edged sword, and powerful in subduing the 
hearts of the King's enemies. May it be a 
discerner of the thoughts and intents of 
every heart, and the wisdom and power of 
G-od unto salvation. May sinners be con- 
verted unto God, and thy disciples be re- 
freshed. May their faith be increased, their, 
courage confirmed, and their zeal inflamed.; 
May love to Jesus and to perishing souls fill 1 
their hearts with prayer, and their mouths, 
with arguments. Make them wise to leai 
souls to Christ, and do thou seal them unto 
the day of redemption. Make our tents vo- 
cal with prayer and praise, so that the voice- 
of salvation and rejoicing may be heard in 
the tabernacles of the righteous. May there 


be joy among the angels of God over many- 
sinners that shall here repent, and in the 
last great day, when God maketh up his 
jewels, may it be said of this and that man 
that he was born unto God here. And, if 
permitted to return to our homes, may we 
live spiritually, and our souls prosper and 
be in health, so that we may be ever found 
useful members of 'thy Church, blessings to 
the community, and sources of religious ae 
well as temporal benefit to our families. 

Oh that thou wouldst rend the heavens 
and come down, that the mountains might 
flow down at thy presence. Put on thy 
strength, O arm of the Lord. Subdue the 
people under thee. Make them willing in 
this day of thy power. Confound the works 
of darkness, and destroy that god of this 
world who has blinded the eyes of sinners, 
lest they should hear, and be converted, and 
be saved. Lord, hear. Lord, forgive. 
Lord, hearken and do. Defer not for thine 
own sake, O God, and for the sake of thy 
Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in 
whose most blessed name and perfect form 
of words we further call upon thee, saying— 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 


No. VII. 
Prayer for our Rulers. 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, thou art 
the governor among the nations, and 
the ruler of heaven and earth, the fountain 
iof wisdom, and the source and origin of all 
order and law, who ordain eth government 
for the praise, security, a^d comfort of those 
that do well, and as a terror to evil doers. 
Thou hast made it our duty to pray for all 
who are in authority over us. We desire, 
therefore, to bring before thee the powers 
that are established among us. We ask for 
them that wisdom that cometh down from 
above from the Father, of light, which is 
profitable to direct, to instruct, to correct, 
and thoroughly to furnish for every good 
word and work. Impart unto them the 
spirit of wisdom, and power, and of a sound 
mind. O give unto them the spirit of un- 
derstanding, of counsel, and right, a spirit 
of knowledge, and of the fear of the Lord, 
to make them of quick understanding. © 
remove not the spirit of the trusty, nor take 
away the understanding of the aged, nor 
ever let the things that belong to the na- 
tion's peace and prosperity be hidden from 


the eyes of those that are entrusted with the 
nation's counsels. Make it to appear that 
thou standest in the congregation of the 
mighty, judgest' among the gods, and that 
when theprinces of thy people and their wise 
men are gathered together, thou art among 
them. May a sense of thy presence and 
majesty make them suitably afraid, that all 
things, may be done as in thy sight, to thine 
honor and to the glory of our land, that 
thou mayest be greatly exalted. 

Preserve a sound mind in a sound body to 
our President and each member of his Cabi- 
net, and of our national Congress, and of our 
state Legislatures, that they may devise 
wisely and execute firmly such measures 
&s will promote the peace and prosperity 
of our beloved country. 

We bless thee, O God, for our generals, 
and we would entreat thee to be round and 
about them, to defend and deliver them, to 
inspire them with skill, confidence, and cour- 
age, that, relying upon thee and guided by 
thy Spirit, they may be wise-hearted to dis- 
cover and defeat the artifices of our enemies, 
to preserve the lives and secure the hearts 
of our soldiers, that under their guidance 
our armies may be made mighty through 


God, to the overthrow of our enemies and 
the establishment of our peace, indepen- 
dence, and prosperity, that we may be a 
people saved by the Lord as the shield of 
our help and the sword of our excellency; 
and that our enemies may be sensible that 
God is with us, and in the midst of us, and 
fighteth for us. 

Counsel our counsellors, and give our Sen- 
ators wisdom. Make all that rule over us 
just, ruling in the fear of God. Let those 
that judge remember that they judge not for 
man, but for the Lord who is with them in 
judgment, that the fear of the Lord may be 
upon them. Make them able men, and men 
of truth, fearing God and hating covetous- 
ness, that judgment may run down like a 
river, and righteousness as a mighty stream. 

Hear, O God, these our earnest supplica- 
tions. Bless our blessings, that all nations 
may call us blessed, a delightsome land, and 
that we may be made high among the na- 
tions in praise, and in name, and in honor^ 
by being made a holy people unto the Lord 
our God. 

Almighty God ! who hast graciously prom- 
ised to hear the supplications of all who ask 
in thy Son's name, we beseech thee to ae- 


cept the service and the prayers now offered 
unto thee. May those things which we 
have faithfully asked, according to thy will, 
be effectually obtained for the relief of our 
necessities and to the advancement of thy 
glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

'iUnto God's gracious mercy and protec- 
tion we now commit us. The Lord bless us 
and keep us. The Lord make his face to 
shine upon us and be gracious unto us. The 
Lord l|ft up his countenance upon us, and 
give us peace, both now and evermore. 

Our Father, who art in Heaven, etc. 
.The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 

No. VIII. 

For our Confederacy. 

GOI), thou hast so ordained human gov- 
ernment as to make it necessary and 
wise that there shall be rulers and subjects, 
masters and servants, rich and poor, and 
that these inequalities of condition and di- 
versities of rank should be permanent and 
inevitable. From the beginning hitherto 
thou hast also, O righteous God, associated 


the institution of slavery as an organic form 
of involuntary labor with thy Church and 
people, thereby securing for slaves religious 
teaching and provision for their temporal 
wants, and to the world the benefit of ser- 
vice not otherwise attainable. Thou hast 
also in thy written word given us instruc- 
tion as to thy will, and our duty in the rela- 
tion of master and slaves, embodying this 
authoritative teaching and divine protection 
in thy holy and immutable LAW, and in the 
teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and his 
Apostles. . , ' 

By thy holy, wise, and powerful" provi- 
dence, Lord, thou hast introduced slavery 
into these Southern states, which thou hast 
allotted to our fathers, and to us as a hab- 
itation for ever. Thou hast brought this 
people among us, and hast multiplied and 
blessed them, and, by their labor, their social 
progress, their spiritual attainments, and 
their conversion to God, thou hast ordained 
out of their mouth praise to thy great name, 
that the tongue of thine enemies might be 
stilled, and thy wonder-working providence 
adored. And now, O Lord, it is time for 
thee to work, for men have made void thy 
law, and teach, for thy will, the command- 


me'nts, of men, and philosophy, falsely so 
called. They consent not to wholesome 
words, even the words of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, nor to the doctrine which is accord- 
ing to. godliness' but are proud and destitute 
of the truth, doting about questions whereof 
have come envy, strife, railing accusations 
against us thy people, and blasphemous 
speeches against thy holy Word and thy 
righteous name.. 

For the truth of thy word, Lord, which 
is for -ever established in the heavens; for 
the justice and wisdom of thine eternal 
providence, and thine righteousness and con- 
sistency of thy dealings with thine ancient 
people, Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apostles, 
we are persecuted, defamed, and overwhelm- 
ed with the miseries brought upon us by 
malicious and merciless enemies, who neither 
regard God nor man. But thou, O Lord, 
beholdest from heaven the rasje and mad- 
ness of this people, who have set themselves 
against thee, and against us who reverence 
thy word as the word of God, and as being 
all-profitable for doctrine and for instruc- 
tion in righteousness. And as thou hast 
commanded that from such men we should 
withdraw ourselves, we now invoke thine 


omnipotent arm for our protection. thou 
that art glorious in holiness, fearful in 
praises, a God doing wonders, in thy mercy 
lead forth thy people, our wives and oui 
little ones, our men servants and our maid 
servants, and guide us in thy strength to 
thy holy habitation. Bring us in and plant 
us in the mountain of thine inheritance; in 
the place, O Lord, which thou hast made 
for us to dwell in, and may we know by 
joyful experience the blessedness of that 
people whose God is the Lord, and whose 
law is thy sure and immutable Word, free 
from the despotic interpretations and en- 
forcements of men. 

Establish xis, therefore, O God, as a Con- 
federacy of states, and build us up on that 
rock of eternal truth against which the 
gates of hell shall not prevail. Unite us a 
people in the indissoluble bonds of liberty^ 
equality, and fraternity. Harmonize the 
sovereignty of our states with confederated, 
constitutional authority. May the spirit of 
"Washington animate them all. and lead them 
ever to seek not merely their own interests, 
but also the common good of all, and to 
beware of sectional jealousies and party 


ti3$ 0k n™?i U V on us specially as a skve- 

tS'S?^? 6 ^- 4 S th ™ ^t bestowed 
,f>on us the blessing given in perpetuity to 

blessin 0- ^ivpr -in '■vv&v.i^y.vnou, 
the posterity of Sh^m a^ Jaohe' 
Ic thou, in hlessirv, KLp?p us, 
=>r.d mp v e sl?."""e r, ^ r a blessin^ +o 
?i;rpf=ilve?, tc our slaves, and to 
t^e vorld at lar°;e. Let the ble 
inq; of Abraham, the fsthpr of th 
faithful and trie friend of God, 
rest upon us and upon o-r- servan 
omir ort, a Q t' k "on hast craciouHl. 
promised to do, in these 1 ^ite^ 
days,-*- the Hoi" Spi^'f wpov. our 
sons and daughters, and upon our 
Pervqnts and o^r handmaidens, th 
they may rail upon the Lo^d. 

p reserve oiir- slaves from tha 
f a natic 3l mac hinat ' — - ^f^xja 
^»» •; -q g uhjXwUQ"J n ^-^ "1 1 1 

* See Gen. ix, 25-27. 

fSee Acts ii, 16-18, and Joel ii, 28, 29. 


to them their present religious advantages, 

and dispose our hearts to be more faithful to 

their souls, and to render unto them things 

just and equal. n _. — -,. — 

irate ones, our men servants and our maid 

servants, and guide us in thy strength to 
thy holy habitation. Bring us in and plant 
us in the mountain of thine inheritance; in 
the place, O Lord, which thou bast made 
for us to dwell in, and may we know by 
joyful experience the blessedness of that 
people whose God is the Lord, and whose 
law is thy sure and immutable Word, free 
from the despotic interpretations and en- 
forcements of men. 

Establish us, therefore, O God, as a Con- 
federacy of states, and build us up on that 
rock of eternal truth against which the 
gates of hell shall not prevail. Unite us a 
people in the indissoluble bonds of liberty, 
equality, and fraternity. Harmonize the 
sovereignty of our states with confederated 
constitutional authority. May the spirit of 
Washington animate them all. and lead them 
"xtm^rr seek not merely their own interests, 

'v-±J»-» — "*>™»v , -,nn — nrnnrl nf &1L Jmd- JJX 

Special 71 

Look down up on 'us especially as 
a slaveholding ^onfeder-r-y. " e- 
thou hast best^ T - T ed uoor us the 
blessing given in p^rr^etuity to 
the posterity of Shem ar^ Japhetf 
do thou, in hlessiny, Mess us, 
and make slavery a blessing to 
°urselves, tc our slaves, and to 
the world at lar^e. Let tp° bless- 
ing of Abraham, the father of th Q 
faithful and the friend of God, 
rest upon us and -upon our* servants, 
pour out, as ttou hast craciovsly 
promised to do, i^ tirese latter 
^"Vs,- 1 - the Holy Spirit upon our 
sons and dan-hhtors, snd upon our 
servants and ovt- handmaidens, tt°t 
thov may nail upon the Lord. 

Preserve omr slaves ^rom the 
fanatical rnachinations of ov.v en- 
emies, who TTorl d delude and 

"-See Gen.ix","2^27^ " 
ic Pe Act o ii ? 16-1 p , and 

Joel ii,28,29. 

71- (2 
destroy them, and under the 
Promise of liberty reduce them to 
poverty , barbarism., and exile fro 
the Chr-istl?.n homes and hap^inrss 
°f their fathers. Tnbue their m 
minds with confidence in their 
masters, and with a spirit of 
cheerful ?nd losing obedience. 
^ a y they T-pra:'n loyal and true, 
notwithstanding oil the temptat 
with which they are assailed. 

"> or 


to them their present religious 
advantages, and dispose nii r hearts 
to be more faithful to their soul< 
and to render unto them things ^u< 
and equal. 

May the issue of this war sign? 
ly prove that this battle is the 
Lord's, and that thou hast made tl 
Word victorious. ™ p 7 atheistic 
blasphemy and blind fanaticism be 
openlv rebuked, and the truth, 
puritv, and powe^- of thy Word, arc 
the wisdom, entity, and mercy of 
thy providential dealings tov^d 
this'neome he gi^e^iy estab- 
lished in the f^ght of our enemies 

ar ,H befnT , p P 1J n-t'r.ns throughout 
all o-eup^tious; and may priory re* 
on 'mir land untilit shall, be made 
a pT-Hgp in the v^nle e?i~tg. ie?r : 
q t ot ,j in heaven, t>v duelling 
ni qpo these our humble netitions. 


No. IX. 

The Soldiers' Prayer for their Families and 

WHILE we thus plead with thee, O Lord, 
for ourselves, we desire affectionately 
and earnestly to commend to thy divine 
protection and abundant mercy our absent 
friends and relatives. Separated from them 
by the command of thy providence, and the 
call of duty to our endangered country; be 
thou, God, our Heavenly Fa.ther," their 
guardian and their comforter. Be thou in- 
1 stead of son, father, husband, brother, friend, 
and lover. Preserve their bodies in health 
and their minds in peace. Deliver them 
from all anxious fears for our safety and the 
success of our righteous cause. Inspire them 
with such confidence in Thee that they may 
calmly commit to thy most powerful, wise, 
and just providence all their cares and bur- 
dens. Be thou the strength of their heart 
and the anchor to their souls, and keep them 
in peace, and quietness, and assurance. De- 
fend them from all danger. Help them in 
every time of need. Comfort them in all 
times of sickness, sorrow, and sadness. Per- 

* To be used as a part of any prayer. 


feet thy strength in their weakness, and 
may thy grace be sufficient for them. Guide 
them in every difficulty, and hear them when 
they ask .for wisdom to direct; instruct and 
thoroughly furnish them for every duty de- 
volving upon them. May their children and 
servants be disposed by thee to cheerful obe- 
dience and happy contentment. Provide for 
all their wants, and supply them out of thine 
infinite fulness. Secure to them kind neigh- 
bors and charitable, Christian friends. May 
every interest now intrusted to them prosper, 
and the fields yield their full increase. Let 
no evil come nigh tneir dwelling, and may 
ministering spirits minister unto them as 
heirs of salvation. Hear thou our mutual 
prayers, and, though sundered far, may we 
enjoy a sweet and sensibly felt communion 
around the common mercy seat. May our 
separation be soon terminated, and may 
we ere long meet and mingle as a happy 
band, in all the festivities of the home 
circle, and in all the privileges of social life, 
and in all the hallowed scenes of Christian 
worship, heavenly communion, and divine 
charity, each living under our own fig tree 
nd in the enjoyment of a goodly heritage, 
one daring to make us afraid. Hear these 


our prayers, most merciful God find Father. 
Hasten it in our' time, O Lord, that accord- 
ing to the days in which we have seen evil 
we may rejoice and be glad before thee, and 
may praise and' bless thy glorious name, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, all the days of 
our life. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 

No. X. 

Service for a Funeral Occasion in Camp. 

1. The leader will, if convenient, sing a 
suitable hymn. 

2. He will then read a portion of Scrip- 

3. The following or any suitable prayer 
may then be offered : 

ALMIGHTY, everlasting, and ever blessed 
God, who art the Father of the Spirits 
of all flesh, thou hast taught us :; j'ji, thy Holy 
Word that affliction springeth not forth 
from the dust, nor cometh by chance, but 
that with God, the Lord, belong the issues of 
life and death. Thou* takest away their 
breath; men die and return unto their dust. 


Thou hast appointed to man his time-upon 
earth, a time to be born and a time to die, 
so that his days are determined like the 
days of a hireling; and his bounds, that 
he cannot pass. We rejoice, Lord, that 
we are thus in thine hands, who art too 
wise to err and too good to be unkind; that 
in thee we live, and move, and have our be- 
ing; and that thou hast the keys of death 
and the grave. Blessed be the name of 
the Lord. 

Help us, O God, while we now surround 
the body (or bodies) of our departed com- 
rade, to acknowledge, praise, and glorify 
thee, to see thy providence, and. hear thy 
voice in this solemn event; to lay it deeply 
to heart, to consider our own last end, and 
to prepare to meet our God. O may we 
deeply realize the solemn truth that it is 
appointed unto each of us once to die, and 
that after death cometh the judgment,_when 
we must each one of us receive according to 
the deeds done in our bodies, whether they 
have been good or bad. O most merciful 
Father, who hast taken our comrade and. 
left us, may t\\j goodness lead us to repent* 
ance. May a thankful remembrance of thy 
mercy induce us to present our bodies, souls', 


and spirits unto thee as a living sacrifice, 
and as our most reasonable service. O our 
Father, who hast provided for us a glorious 
Saviour and a gracious Comforter, and hast 
promised to give the Holy Spirit to them 
that 'ask, may He now work in us to will and 
to do of thy good pleasure, and may He lead 
us in the way everlasting. Make us wise 
into salvation, so that in this the day of our 
merciful visitation we may hear the things 
that belong to our peace, ere they are for 
ever hidden from our eyes. We know not, 
God, how, when, or where we shall die; but 
we know that in the very midst of life, and 
strength, and manly vigor we are in death, 
and we cannot tell what an hour may bring 
forth. Grant, therefore, O holy and blessed 
Saviour — who for us, sinners, didst become 
man, and having endured the bitter pains of 
death, didst abolish its curse and open the 
kingdom of God to all believers — that, being 
justified by faith in thee, we may have peace 
with God and rejoice in hope of the glory of 

Disarm death of its sting and the grave of 
its victory, and inspire us with such a sweet 
sense of pardoned sin, and with a hope so 
full of immortality, that we shall fear no 


evil, knowing that if any man believe in 
Christ, though he were dead, yet shall, he 
live; and that if the earthly house of this 
tabernacle were dissolved, we have a build- 
ing of God, a house not made with hands, 
eternal in the heavens. Save us from pro- 
crastination and presumption. May we not 
trust to a dying hour, nor think that patriot- 
ism is piety, or a good cause a good hope for 
salvation. Help us, therefore, now to fly 
from all refuges of lies, and lay hold on the 
hope set before us in the gospel. Be thou, 
O Christ, the anchor of our souls, the rock 
of our foundation; the way, the truth, and 
the life; our wisdom, sanetiiication, and re- 
demption ; our hope of glory, our all in all. 

We bless thee, O Lord, that, while a long 
life is not always a blessing, the shortest 
may be sufficient to secure the great end of 
life — even the salvation of our souls and & 
life everlasting. Should we die young, or 
suddenly, as in a moment, may we not die 
unprepared ; nor until, by faith, we have seen 
the Lord Christ, and know that our Ee- 
deemer liveth, and that, although after death 
worms may destroy these bodies, yet in our 
flesh we shall see God, whom we shall see 
for ourselves, and our eyes behold him. Give 


us,grace while living to prepare for dying, 
and when dying for dying in the Lord, that 
our last end may be peace. When heart 
arid flesh shall fail tis, be thou, Lord, the 
strength of our heart. Amid the brief ago- 
nies of a violent death do thou, our Saviour, 
who didst endure the slow tortures of the 
cross, succor us with thy peace : that peace 
which the world can neither give nor take 
away; which passeth all understanding, and 
which can make even a gory bed feel soft as 
downy pillows are, while on thy breast we 
lean our head and breathe our soul out 
sweetly there. Though, alone, and far from 
loving ones at home, may Thy presence be 
with us, and may Thy consolations delight 
.our souls.. „ Eeceive into thine hands our de- 
to A^rabr 1 - 1 1 it with the prospect 
th^t to be p^pp^+ *>-« +.bP ^. 
+,-> ^p pxpspM., tb-.t very day 
Par-rdise. with ^^ ° lir * pirpr 
KLeFsed T.ord and S-^ on 1 ". 


We thank thee, O God, who art thyself a 
man of war, and the God of battles, and the 
giver of victory, for the patriotism, valor, 
willingness to die, and manly fortitude of 
our fallen heroic brethren. May 'their names 
live in the everlasting remembrance of a 
redeemed and grateful country, and irradi- 
ate their posterity with glory. God of our 
Fathers, and God of Nations, may their blood 
cry not in vain for vengeance on the per- 
jured, hypocritical, and blood-thirsty heads 
of our tyrannical oppressors. May their 
blood kindle into a flame our burning pa- 
triotism; dispel fear, and arouse the spirit of 
a noble daring, that we may emulate their 
example and secure for them the graves of 
freedom, or perish with them in„the death 
struggle for liberty.' jessing, the shortest 
may be sufficient to secure the great end of 
life— even the salvation of our souls and a 
life everlasting. Should we die young, or 
suddenly, as in a moment, may we not die 
unprepared ; nor until, by faith, we have seen 
the Lord Christ, and know that our Re- 
deemer liveth, and that, although after death 
worms may destroy these bodies, yet in our 
flesh we shall see God, whom we shall see 
for ourselves, and our eyes behold him. Give 


&i Thy o<~insolati ons delight 
our souls. Rer-ei^e into thine 
hands ovr de^ spirit, ^h^er 
it with the prosoect of viot n r Tr be- 
yond the o-r^vej and a crown of 
q-l.ory that f^deth not away. Fa^.r 
our death he nre^iors in thy sights 
May ovv parting soul be made per- '■■■':. 
feet in holiness, and fitted ?or an 
inheritance a^ioro- tb^ spirits of 
the just, ^ome by angels' ir.n?s 
to Abraham's ho son, nay we f^'nd 
that to "he r^pprt f ron thp hccly is 
to h e o^e sent, tVt vpry day in 
Paradise, with the*? our e ir <=n 
K lpssed Lord ^vA S rT rioir, 

which thou execute st a^inst t>p^ 
who make mi^ht ricrht, and, I'Tith 
oerjured hearts and p^f^° li^p, 
seek to overwhelm us in th^ rw.ins 
of a const! tut" oral "•o'^PT'nrie'nt 
which their faithless fanaticism 
has destroyed. Arise, God, Judn;< 
of the earth I C?wse iudoriert to be 
heard from heaven. Thou that sit- 
test on the throne, rip-nt, 
maintain c:^ righteous fanse* ^e 
a refuge to the oppressed. Make 

82 Serial PTaye^p 

s'tion "for KLood, and r-p^^^y 
slaughtered children. Arise 
Lord, let not our en^ie? pr 
p eh-uke the^,. Pn+ the™ in fe 
Turn t,he T " 'h qr> V"« and ^av the}* 
oerish at thy- prese^c- 3 . May 
- + ars in thei 1 " corses fi~ht 
gaiaast. there, .and the angel o 
Oh God ! who art not "unrighteous in 
taking vengeance, we, thy oppressed and 
outraged people, do now cry unto thee. 
Behold our tears; our wrongs; our dese- 
crated temples, our imperiled cities, liber- 
ties, and religion ; all that thou hast given 
us, and made dear to us as our own lives ; 

and answer us from . thy secret place of 

thunder. . ""'X "'""■' .,",v^ n i, .„,;,,■ 

,«S incr God, We OO^rmt t r- ° ^ : -J 

' an < r>-<-r ri.cT-e??!*^ parade to the 

'*PJ -i r -^ OTT f,-n hone nf> a <tl ^r-i n-n 5 

?xd r os i ir^p'-ti.o>n. And i^ thrt * 

'Q " r "Affse7 O' God, Judge of~the 

earth ; x3anse judgment to be heard from 
heaven. Thou that sittest on the throne, 
judging right, maintain our righteous cause, 
e a refuge to the oppressed. E#ke inqui- 


we may rejoice in thy salvation, and pra 
thee in the midst of thy temple. 

And now, almighty and everlasting Cl< 
we commit this body of our deceased co 
rade to the earth, in joyful hope of a g 
rious resurrection. And in that great a 
awful day, when thou, the righteous Jud^ 
shalt come to judge the quick and the det 

t we m: 

will give thee thanks for ever 
show forth thy praise through an genen 
tions. Amen. & 

Our Father, who art in heaven etc 
The grace of our Lord and Saviour,' etc. 

82 c ^rial Pravprp 

sr'ti^n for ^lood, and r-PTnpm'be"^ th" - 
slau^ht^r^d chi Irirpn. Arise, 
Lor^ let. not cm 1 " er^miep nrevai!. 
^ebuke them , Pu+ them, in fear, 
Titi the™ hs.ek, ? v ,:d mav thp^ r 
^prish at thy presence. May the 
^ta^s in the"ir p oi.irse s fight "-■- 
eyin^t them, and the angel of 
Hq.qt> pursue t>em. Arise, l^vd 
God of ^no+,sI Av.?ke! put on t>y 
^tren^th, and lift us n ri from the 
sates o^ dp-^th, that we may re- 
inice in thy salvation, and r>r>ais? 
thee in the mid^t of thy temple, 

i^r-; 1 now, a 1 mighty and ptpt-i^+- 
jnc God, vp cemrrit this body of 
ni'r do r p 9- s e d i->omr?de to the p^r+h, 
i r- ioyful h°Op of *^ cr] nr*i otis 
- f -e>s 1 ir'r , pptipr i , And in that mp?t, 
and awfnl d^' 7 ", when thou, tbp 
r" 5 aii'hpni'q Jud°"e, she? It cov^e to 
hidge the and the dead^ 
o-v^nt, nost merr-ifi^l Father, 

th~t mp w"- "^e frvnd of the" 4ri 
Pe?^e. Lo^d c ,i of -'os+^I ^ p " r 

•■ T acr*. '^Ph^ld, C~~-ort, o— ^^-tf 
an d look i.ip or, t ^e face of +■■ '^ p i 
Anointed. * So we, thy ^ ,01 
the sheep of thy na^ ,,r,p ' T ' : '""'' 
2 n >e thee th^v s : ~-^ ev^j T " re 
shall show for+.h thr """ -'- S !^ pn . 
thro^crh 5.1 1 crenerat^-orF. '~^ re ^ 

On- "Pflther, who ?r+> ^- iJ<? " 
etc. n iH 

T>, e pr.-^P of our Lo^ ^~- 


-?vioT | "^j etc. 

Special °>? 

No. IT. 
PRAYER AfV PT^-p ottp ENEMIES ,.;ipp d 

GOD, unto wV>r a ]_i hearts af»e 
open, and all desires known, we 
come unto thee, ?n^ f a ~H dnwr be- 
fore thee, and worship thee, whose 
power is infinite, w^ee P wisdom is 
Tinsparchs-hle, and whose providence 
^xtendeth over all h ino-c qrc [ a ]_]_ 
events. Thn-n a^t the high and 
nighty rv"l^r" of the universe, who 
doest wbatsopvpr tTon olepsest a- 
mong the p.^ricc f heaven and the 
inhabitants of earth, none d^r in_cr 3 
with impunity, to re^^t thy will, 
or to say unto thpe T, H~at doest 

fj-pppf, nnd +.pi^r'?'bl p '^od' thy 
.iudgments are now devastating this 
once fail*, fertile, and rn-nsoe-r- 
ous Union of free, sovprpiq-n, s nd 
independent states. Thou hast 
bro^fht- n^"^ 'wm*- "» !> '' ■ "h is 

83- (2) 

the sword of thy vengeance, and 
eiven it a commission to execute 
the fierceness of thy vr*t.b upon a 
^:ilty land, ^nd to divide us into 
separate and inne^erdert. conn+.ries 
for ever. 

We plead before thee, God, the 
righteousness of ^w ^ause. Our 
confecpr-rtes h?ve b^ren the cove- 
nant Tnpfic, vith +hem by our 
Fathers ard sealed in the 

of heaver. T, he nir h?ve d^alt trear>.r>- 
erons^- with us, their ^"V-^n, 
m the Qo P.rnf.h^^"^ st'~'iep, and pp^- 
fidioijsl.v de^rivpd us of impartial 
"Hstice, enii^l "f-'jthte. rf ij.?.T*^rt p, od 
o^ote^ti o-n pri.-i hopoT" i hle seou^i tv 
mi* or.r- slaves wro^ thou hast 

DTOiicrVit 3'mon.fT US, and crimen nq 

charge ovpr 1 t ! vp Tr t 5 1'°^ ^oo^ to th-pin 
and ^ -^^0 vnr.i/1 Pr ,H for : °;iory to 
thy holy, wise j and nowT'f'-'T ^rnv- 
i derive, iu-ipv have -npvire^+^H thy 
truth prid iDT^o'^t" 1 ' t ni f ad tb^ 7 " hola 7- re- 
dip'io'n, and nsi iT,,n P^ thy s^nrpr^p 
pr>gr>oa-phivp pp T,or r - of co ri<! r , ip"i' , e' 
and, while t < t p "invoked a nearpful 
seoaration, tbpy h-^e taken the 

SWOTT 1 , srd blown f,he t^V^^et, Of 

war* j ppd h^ r e» cove un against, us 
to su^ue up, and to u^l e i.Troi- 
ously over us, making void thy 
law pud pnfo^^iny ^ou thv 


doctrines the commandments of men.' 
Me acknowledge, thou righteous 
Judge eternal, that while our ene~ 
mies are the hand the sword is 
thine. They have no power at all 
against us Nvb that which thou 
hast given them, and thou art able 
to stay theiT* vengeance, & n d to 
punish them for their horrid cruel- 
ties, their diabolic malice, and 
their barbarous vandalism. The 
.nations have heard of their shame ; 
and the cry of ov.v miseries, and 
of inrna-rallfiled atrocities 


perpetrated among us, has filled the whble 
eivilized '.world, and is continually ascend- 
ing unto thee, O righteous Father, to whom 
belongeth vengeance. Wherefore hast thou, 
Lord, done this against our land ? "What 
me'aneth the heat of this great anger ? How 
long, Lord, holy, just, and true, dost thou 
not avenge us speedily against these our 
enemies? We acknowledge our sins, and 
the sins of our fathers, and the righteous- 
ness of thy chastening judgments. We are 
sinners before thee, O God, and we dwell 
among a sinful people. But, Lord, be not 
very wroth. Let not thine anger endure- 
for ever. In wrath remember mercy, and 
let it repent, thee concerning thy servants. 
Turn away thine anger, and be reconciled 
unto us and restore us. 

Hear, most merciful Father, the prayer 
of multitudes who sigh and cry for the 
abominations of our land, and for thine own 
Name's sake turn away ungodliness from 
our people and pour out upon them a spirit 
of repentance, reformation, and godliness. 
Thou hast' caused us to hope in thy Word. 
Thou hast given us a banner to be displayed 
because of the truth. Arise, O God, and 
plead our cause against a faithless and fa- 


natical people. The battle is thine, Lord 
God of truth and justice. Vindicate thy 
Word, will, and providence. Let not their 
counsel stand, neither let it come to pass. 
Though they associate themselves, let them 
be broken in pieces, and though they take 
counsel together, speak thou the word, 
Lord, and it shall come to nought. For thy 
power standeth not in multitude, nor thy 
might in strong men ; for thou art a God of 
the afflicted, a helper of the oppressed, an 
upholder of the weak, a protector of the 
forlorn, and a Saviour of them that are 
without hope. 

How long, O Lord, shall we hear the 
sound of the trumpet and the clang of arms? 
Thou didst bring this war upon us, and 
Thou canst deliver us from it. May it please 
thee in thy merciful goodness, O Lord, who 
makest wars to cease to the ends of the 
earth, to ordain peace for us. Grant unto 
us speedily, we beseech thee, peace ; a right- 
eous, horJorable, and propitious peace. Give 
un|;o us, thou Sovereign disposer of all 
events, this peace in our time, before we are 
cut off from the land of the living and go 
hence to be no more. 

O Lord God, to whom belongeth righteous- 


ness, and mercies, and forgivenesses, though 
we have rebelled against, thee — who hast 
brought thy people forth with thy right 
hand, and hast gotten thee renown as at 
this day — let thine anger and thy fury be 
turned away from us, and cause thy face to 
i^hine upon our land which is desolate, for 
theLord's sake. Send now peace and pros- 
perity. Save us from our enemies, and from 
the hands of all that hate us, that we being 
delivered out of the hand of our enemies 
might serve thee without fear. O our God, 
incline thine ear and hear, and open thine 
eyes and behold our desolations. For we 
do not present our supplications before thee 
for our righteousnesses, but for thy great 
mercies. O .Lord hear, O Lord forgive, O 
Lord hearken and do; defer not for thine 
own sake, O my God. Thy people are called 
by thy name. 

* [Look down from heaven upon thy deso- 
late'sanctuaries; upon thy people dispersed 
and persecuted; and upon the lambs of thy 
flock scattered upon the mountains, and far 
from thy pastures and their Shepherd's care. 

*The part within brackets may be omitted or used at 


We pray, O Lord, for the peace and pros- 
perity of Zion, that peace may again dwell 
within her gates, and prosperity within her 
palaces. Bring forth her exiled bands, re- 
store her waste places, heal her breaches, 
rebuild her broken walls, and add to her 
multitudes of such as shall be saved. Pour 
out thy spirit upon her sons and her daugh- 
ters, upon her old men and mothers, and 
upon her servants. And may our children 
be seen flocking as doves to their windows, 
numerous as the drops of dew in the womb 
of the morning. May those that have been 
panting in desert places like the hart for 
the water brooks, again appear before thee, 
the living God, and again flourish in the 
courts of the Lord, and bring forth 
unto old age. And may thy people again 
be glad in going up to the house of God in 
company with multitudes who attend upon 
thy solemn feasts. 

Look upon our families, O thou who placest 
the solitary in families and lovest all the 
dwellings of thine Israel, and again reunite 
them around their own hearths, under their 
own vine and fig tree, none daring to make 
them afraid; that the incense of prayer*may 
ascend up to thee continually from every 


family altar and from the altar of many 

Look down upon our schools, colleges, and 
seminaries of theological learning which are 
now languishing or disbanded, and speedily 
reopen their closed gates of knowledge; and 
nil them with numerous aspirants after pub- 
he usefulness in thy vineyard and in their 
country's service, who shall become eminent 
for wisdom, statesmanship, and piety, and 
exalt the fame of our country and the glory 
of thy Church. 

■Look upon our cities now silent, burnt 
with fire, and ravaged with the sword, and 
may they again become populous, and com- 
merce be revived, and prosperity abound, 
and may all our streets say hallelujah and 
praise Thee, saying : Blessed be God, who 
hath redeemed them for ever. 

Look upon our fields laid waste, our gar- 
dens converted into deserts, and our barns 
empty; and may the earth again bring forth 
abundantly, and the wilderness blossom as 
the rose, and our barns be filled with plenty 
of the finest of the wheat. Look, O God 
of pitiful compassion and tender sympathy, 
upon bereaved families and broken hearts, 
and be thou the husband of the widow and 


the father of the fatherless. Take up, 
Lord, those who are forsaken and forlorn, 
and give beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for 
mourning, the garment of praise for the 
spirit of heaviness.] 

Merciful God, who didst proclaim peace 
on earth, who art thyself the God'of peace, 
and of hope, and consolation, O do thou 
now impart peace to thy distressed people. 
Almighty Saviour, who art the Prince of 
peace, who earnest to bring peace on earth 
and good will to men, and to reunite in bonds 
of peace God with man, and man with man, 
do thou command these raging waves of war 
to be at peace, and there shall be a great 
calm. O holy and ever blessed Spirit, the 
Comforter, whose fruits within the soul are 
peace, gentleness, brotherly kindness, and 
tender compassion, send peace into the hearts 
of our enemies, and so work in them to will 
and to do that they shall seek the things 
that make for peace, and be glad to be at 
peace with us. O God, who art over all 
and blessed for ever, Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost, satisfy us early with thy mercy, that 
we may rejoice and be glad all our days.' 
Make us glad according to 1)he days wherein 
thou hast afflicted us, and the days wherein 


we .have seen evil. Fill our mouth with 
laughter and our tongue with singing, that 
it may be said among the nations, the Lord 
hath done great things for us. Help, Lord, 
and save us for thy mercies' sake. O Lord 
God of Hosts, hear our prayer. Give ear, 
God of Jacob. Behold, God, our shield, 
and look upon the face of thine Anointed. 
According unto the multitude of thy mer- 
cies — according to the riches of thy grace, 
for thine own sake, O Lord, and for thy 
Christ's sake, be merciful unto us sinners, 
to the glory of thy rich and sovereign mercy 
in Christ Jesus. Amen. 

Our'Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 

No. XII. 
Prayer for a Thanksgiving for Peace. 

THOU, Lord, art Governor among the 
nations. Thou judgest the world in 
righteousness, and ministerest judgment to 
the people in uprightness. Surely, O God, 
thou hast beheld the affliction of thy people, 
and heard their cry, and known their sorrow. 
For the misery of the poor, for the sighing 
of the needy, for the prayer of the widow 


and the fatherless ; for the cry of innocent 
blood, shed by wicked and ruthless hands in 
every part of our blood-stained soil, thou 
hast arisen, O Lord; and He that is higher 
than the highest has avenged us on these, 
our adversaries, and recompensed their own 
way upon their heads. * Because they have 
warred against thy people by taking ven- 
geance, and have greatly offended because 
they have avenged themselves upon us with 
despiteful hearts, and have shed the, blood 
of thy children by force in the time of our 
calamity, Thou hast prepared them unto 
blood, and made blood pursue them, that 
they may know that thou art the Lord. 
When thy hand was lifted up, Lord, they 
would not see; but they have seen and are 
made ashamed for their envy at thy people; 
yea, the fire of thine anger has devoured 
them. Righteous art thou, O Lord, when 
thou judgest! Hallelujah! for the Lord 
God omnipotent reigneth, and. dotli accord- 
ing to the counsel of his will, to the praise, 
of his own glory. * 

O God, whose name alone is Jehovah, and 
who art the most high over all the earth; 
thou art our God, and we will praise thee, 
our fathers' God; and we will exalt theie, 


the Rock of ages, with whom is everlasting 
strength, and the memorial of whose good- 
ness is unto all generations. Thy right 
hand, Lord, is become glorious in power. 
Thy right hand, O Lord, has dashed in 
pieces the enemy. And in the greatness 
of thine excellency thou hast overthrown 
them that rose up against us. This is the 
Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes. 
God, who art the God of peace, thou 
hast ordained peace for us. Lord, thou hast 
been favorable unto thy land. Thou hast 
forgiven the iniquity of thy people; thou 
hast covered all their sins. Thou in thy 
mercy hast led forth the people whom thou 
hast redeemed; thou hast guided them in 
thy strength unto thy holy habitation ; thou 
hast increased the nation, O Lord; thou 
hast increased the nation; thou art glori- 
fied. Thou has brought them in, and plant- 
ed them in the mountain of thine inheritance, 
in the place, O Lord, which thou hast made 
for thee to dwell in, the sanctuary, O Lord, 
which thy hands have established. May we 
•trust in the Lord for ever, for in the Lord 
Jehovah is everlasting strength. For he 
bringeth down them that dwell on high; 
the lofty nation he layeth it low even to the 


ground, he bringeth it even to the dust. In 
the way of thy judgments, O Lord, have we 
waited for thee ; the desire of our soul is to 
thy name, and to the remembrance of thee. 
Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the 
gods? Who is like unto Thee, glorious in 
holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? 

Now, O Lord, that thou hast turned again 
our captivity, we are like those that dream. 
The night season of terrible calamity and 
frightful apprehensions has passed, and we 
awake to see the sunshine of peace, pros- 
perity, and plenty shine all around us. Thy 
voice of mercy speaketh peace unto thy 
people. Thou makest assured peace in our 
borders and feedest us with the finest of the 
wheat. Thou hast filled our mouths with 
laughter and our tongues with singing. 
Thou hast wiped away all tears from off all 

We w r ould remember, O Lord, the days 
that are past, the years in which we have 
seen evil ; when thou didst feed thy people 
on the bread of adversity, and give them 
wormwood and gall to drink; and didst fill; 
our land with the wail of sorrow. We sat 
down, yea, we wept, when we remembered 
Zion. We would not forget all Thy mercies 


toward us, and thy gracious benefits then 
so freely conferred" upon us in sustaining, 
succoring, and comforting us. We would 
repount them over and over, and call upon 
our souls and all within us to be stirred up 
worthily to magnify and bless thy name. 
We give thanks unto the Lord, who has 
remembered us in our low estate, and has 
redeemed us from our enemies, for thy 
mercy endureth for ever. We praise thee 
with our whole heart for thy loving kind- 
ness and for thy truth. In the day when 
we Cried unto thee thou answeredst us and 
strengthenedst us with strength in our soul. 
Though we walked in the midst of trouble, 
thou didst revive us. Thou didst stretch 
forth thine hand against the wrath of our 
enemies, and thy right hand saved us. Praise 
waiteth for thee, O God, in Zion. In the 
midst of thy temple we will think of all thy 
loving kindness. From the uttermost parts 
of our land thou shalt hear songs of rejoic- 
ing. With our wives and our little ones, 
and with our heroic dead, who are still ours 
to love and honor them in the blessed and 
holy communion of all saints in heaven, we 
unite this day in descriptions of glory. We 
thank thee for these our martyred sons who 


are now to become our fathers, and live- in 
everlasting remembrance in the annals of 
our war and in the hearts of a generous 
and. grateful country. May their bereaved 
families find in thee a covenant -keeping 
God, and in our people nursing fathers and 
nursing mothers. 

And now, O God, who by thy Word and 
Spirit hast created this United Confederacy, 
and hast now established its independence, 
and sent it forth in the career of political 
existence, baptized by the blood of thou- 
sands of the best and bravest of her sons, 
and cemented into one body by the common 
loss of prosperity and property, and the 
common endurance of a great fight of afflic- 
tion, wilt thou not become our guardian, 
guide, and governor. Set up in our midst 
thy throne of justice and righteousness. 
Come and reign over us. Rule in our minds 
and hearts by thy Word, will, and provi- 
dence. Make thy glory our chief end, and 
thy Word our infallible standard of right 
and wrong, of truth, and duty. Most mer- 
ciful God, who hast done so great things for 
us, let us not be satisfied with triumphant 
success of arms, political and military glory, 
or with agricultural, commercial, and social 


prosperity. Save us, save us, O God, from 
vainglorious pride and self-reliance, and from 
alkWqrldhness and ungodliness. Leave, O 
leave us not to ourselves, to carnal reason, 
selfish policy, or mere material aggrandize- 
ment - Go up .with us, and keep near to us, 
and dwell among us, and be not as a way- 
taring man or as a stranger in the land, 
four out upon us thy Spirit. Eevive among 
us thy work. Diffuse throughout our land 
pureand undefiled religion. Exalt our na- 
tionby righteousness, and make it Emman- 
uel 8 land, and may we be that happy people 
whose God is the Lord. 

Preserve us, O God, from international 
jealousy and strife; from party spirit, sec- 
tional rivalry, and political ambition. O 
w>d, who art the ruler of heaven and earth, 
be thou our pilot through the storm-tossed 
«eep, covered as it is with the wrecks of so 
many foundered nations. Guide us securely 
through the rocks and quicksands on which 
they perished; and may heavenly wisdom 
direct our people in the safe course which 
Will lead to" permanent prosperity and peace. 
Rule Thou in the hearts of our rulers; 
counsel our counsellors; and give to our 
Senators, our Congressional and State Leg- 


islatures, and to all Judges, Governors, 
and Magistrates, and to all who have influ- 
ence or authority over us, the spirit of power 
and of a sound mind, the spirit of counsel 
and of might, and of the fear of the Lord. 
Make them able men, and men of truth, 
fearing God and hating covetousness, that 
judgment may run down like a river and 
righteousness like a mighty stream. Give 
grace to all citizens to live quiet and peace- 
able lives in all godliness and honesty, dwell- 
ing in peace and unity, that the Lord may 
command a blessing upon us, and life for 

Let our schools, colleges, and seminaries 
be replenished with every good and perfect 
gift from the Father of lights. Cast the 
salt of thy grace into these fountains, that 
the streams thereof may make glad the city 
of our God, the holy place of the tabernacles 
of the Most High. Bless all classes and 
conditions of men among us — the high and 
the low, the rich and the poor, the learned 
and unlearned, the free and the bond, the 
servant and the master. 

We pray, O Lord our God, for the peace 
and prosperity of Zion. May she arise out 
of all these troubles and shine, the glory of 


the I/ord having risen upon her. .May the 
blood of her martyrs prove the seed of the 
Church. Having gone forth weeping, may 
she now come again rejoicing and bearing 
her sheaves with her. May a spirit of hu- 
mility, penitence, and unfeigned faith be 
poured out upon all our- disbanded soldiers. 
May thy goodness toward them during all 
their dangers and distresses lead them to a 
grateful consecration of their spared lives 
unto the Lord, so that in return for all His 
benefits they may take the cup of salvation 
and pay their vows unto him who loved 
them and gave Himself for them. 

And now the Lord our God be with us, 
.as he was with our fathers. Let him not 
leave us nor forsake us, that he may incline 
our hearts unto him-to keep his command- 
ments, and his statutes, and his judgments, 
that our hearts may be perfect with the 
Lord our God all our days. We present 
these our imperfect prayers and most un- 
worthy services in the all-prevailing name 
of Jesus, who died for our sins and rose 
again for our justification, and who ever 
liveth to make intercession for us, to whom 
be honor and dominion" everlasting. Amen. 
Our Father, who art in Heaven, etc. 
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 


No. I. 

For One who is a Professor of Religion. 

rpHY vows, O God, are upon me. I have 
JL subscribed my name unto the Lord, 
and entered into covenant ' with tbee. I 
have taken the cup of salvation into my 
hand, and paid my vows unto thee in the 
presence of the great congregation. I have* 
given myself unto thee, O Lord, and then 
to thy Church, according to the will of God. 
I have taken thy yoke upon me, and have 
felt it to be easy, glorying in thy cross, 
and rejoicing to be counted worthy to be 
thy disciple and follower. I would remem- 
ber with gratitude and praise the time 
when first I found thee, O Lord — the time 
of my espousals, when I said unto my soul, 
" Thou art my portion, O Lord, truly I am 
thy servant,". and when thou didst say unto 
me, "I am thy God and Saviour, I have 


loved thee, and chosen thee, and united thee 
to myself, and haye put my Name upon 
thee, and my Spirit 'within thee, and sealed 
thee unto the day of redemption, and I will 
never leave nor forsake thee." How sweet, 
Lord, the memorj- of those transporting 
hours, when thou didst bring me into thy 
banqueting house and thy banner over 
me was love; when I felt no longer as a 
stranger, or a guest, but as a child at home, 
and did eat and drink in thy presence, and 
partake of the feast of fat things thy mercy 
has prepared for them that love thee. 

most merciful God and Father, it is 
with shame, and confusion of face, and with 
an aching void in my cold, careless, worldly 
heart I now come before thee. The thoughts 
of thy loving kindness, thy tender rifercy, 
and thy forgiving love bring tears to my eyes 
and sorrow. to myjieart when 1 consider how 
ungrateful 1 have been, how prone to w T ander 
forgetful of my highest love, my best friend, 
and my most satisfying joy And now, O 
Lord, I am in circumstances of peculiar dif- 
ficulty and danger to my soul. Away from 
home, separated from Christian friends, de- 
prived of the accustomed means of grace, 
surrounded by temptations; exposed to evil 


example and corrupt communications, to all 
the devices of Satan, the lusts of the flesh, 
and the pride of life, I am greatly tempted 
to restrain prayer hefore God, and to forget 
and forsake Thee utterly 

Forsake me not, O God of my salvation. 
Take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Make 
thy grace sufficient for me, and perfect 
strength in my weakness. Restore my soul. 
Revive my love and affections toward thee. 
Rekindle the flame of my first, happy, heav- 
enly love. Reanimate my faith, and hope, 
and peace, and joy. Inspire me with courage, 
confidence, and affection. Fill me with zeal 
for thine honor .and glory, and for the salva- 
tion of souls. Create in me a clean heart, and 
rencv^a right spirit within me. Deliver me 
from the spirit of unmanly fear and shame 
in confessing thee before men, and let not 
the praise of men or the honor that cometh 
from men deprive me of Thy favor, which is 
life, and of that honor that cometh from 
thee, which is better than life. Restore un- 
to me the joys of thy salvation, and satisfy 
me with thy mercy, that I may rejoice and 
be glad before thee. As I have received the 
Lord Jesus, do thou enable and dispose me 
+r> esteem it my interest, privilege, happi- 


ness, and duty to walk and to live with Him. 
Enable me, 6 Lord, to hold fast mine integ- 
rity, and to keep myself unspotted from the 
world. Keep me from falling, and uphold 
me by thy free Spirit; that by a holy, con- 
sistent, humble walk and conversation I may 
prove the gospel to be all divine, adorn the 
doctrine of God my Saviour, and glorify him 
who bought me with his precious blood, in 
my body, soul, and spirit,, which are his. 
Strengthen me with all might in the inner 
man that I may contend earnestly and fight 
manfully the good fight of faith, and wrestle 
hard not only with flesh and blood, but with 
principalities and powers. Clothe me with 
the^whole armor of God, that, having done 
all thy holy will, and lived to thine honor 
and glory, I may come off a conqueror, and 
more than a conqueror, through him that 
loved me, and gave Himself for mo, to whom, 
With thee, O Father, and the Holy Ghost, 
be all honor, and glory, and blessing, both 
now and for ever. Amen. 
Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 
The grace of our Lord and Saviour, etc. 


No. II. 

For a Backslider. 

MOST holy, blessed, and gracious God, on 
whom is all my dependence, and from, 
whom is all my hope and expectation, I am 
ashamed, and blush to appear before thee 
from whom I have so often and so grievously 
wandered, and whose long suffering and pa- 
tience I have so long abused by my way- 
ward, worldly, and wicked course. I have 
forsaken thine ordinances, neglected thy 
Word, and profaned thy Sabbaths. I have 
restrained prayer, cast off fear, and, having 
loved this present evil world, have lived unto 
myself, and not unto Him who died for me, 
and rose again for my justification, and who 
ever liveth to make intercession for me. I 
know not how to lift up my eyes unto 
heaven, for I have provoked Thee to anger 
and jealousy by trifling with thy love, griev- 
ing thy Holy Spirit, trampling under foot 
the blood of the everlasting covenant, and 
by thus crucifying afresh the blessed Saviour 
and putting him to an open shame. God be 
merciful to me a sinner. I am- without 
excuse, and speechless before thee. I ac- 
knowledge my transgressions which I have, 


from time to time, committed against thee, 
against light and love; and against my own 
Knowledge and conscious guilt; and in man- 
ifesting such base ingratitude, unbelief, and 

I have often resolved and promised that I 
would return from the. error of my ways 
unto Thee the good and gracious Shepherd of 
my soul; but I have again broken my faith 
and relapsed into my former carelessness 
and open sin ; #nd have thus trifled with thy 
long enduring and compassionate forbear- 
ance, and forfeited all claim to thy promised 
mercy. Wert thou, therefore, O holy and 
righteous SaviOur, to enter into judgment 
with me, and to require an account of my 
stewardship, I could not stand before thee. 
But may I not, O most merciful Saviour, fly 
from the bar of thy justice to the throne of 
thy grace, beseeching thee to show pity and 
forgiveness to me, because thou delightest 
in mercy and art able to save to the utter- 
most all that come unto God by thee? Thou 
hast assured me by thy word and by my 
own p as t experience that, as a father pities 
and forgives his offending child, so dost thou 
yearn over thy prodigal children, and have 
.eompassion on them, and draw them back 


to thee by the cords of love. I know, 
Lord, that thy tender mercies are over all 
thine other works, and that thine arm. of 
mercy and heart of love are ever open to 
receive returning wanderers to thy fold. O 
God of all power, O G-od of mercy and com- 
passion, reclaim and restore my soul. Say 
not that I am joined to my idols, let him 
alone. Leave me not to my own heart's 
lusts nor to the wiles of the Devil. Give me 
not up to obduracy and impenitence. For- 
sake me not, despise me not, O God of 
salvation. Take not thy Holy Spirit from 
me. Come to my help, O thou who art 
the hope of Israel and the Saviour thereof 
in time of trouble. Thou didst come to 
call sinners to repentance; to seek and save 
the lost; to die for the ungodly; to impart 
thy grace and gifts even to the rebellious; 
to save the chief of sinners ; and in no 
wise to cast out any that come unto Thee. 
Quicken my soul that I may run after thee. 
Wilt thou not revive me again, and renew 
me unto repentance and godly sorrow, and 
heal all my backslidings, and love me freely? 
Wash me thoroughly from my iniquities, and 
restore unto me the joy of thy salvation ; 
my early faith; my first love; my ardent 


hope; ray exultant confdence; my jubilant 
anticipations; my spul-refreshing intercourse 
and communion with Thee, in all the means 
of thy grace; my ardent zeal and cheerful 
delight in the keeping of thy command- 
ments, and in doing and suffering all thy 
righteous will. 

Cleanse me from. all filthiness of the flesh 
and spirit. Set me free from the bondage 
of corruption and the sins that do so easily 
beset me. help me against the power of 
prevailing iniquity. If thou wilt, thou canst 
niake me willing, working in me both to 
will and to do of thy good pleasure. Thou 
who didst justify the Publican, and hear the 
prayer of the thief ou the cross, listen to 
this my penitential confession. Manasseh' 
sinned, but, having repented, was forgiven. 
David also sinned, but when he sought for- 
giveness he obtained mercy. Peter denied 
thee and fell, but was restored by thy loolc 
of transforming power. Thou didst make 
Paul a pattern of mercy unto all who should 
hereafter believe. Comfort, then, and con- 
vert my soul, Father of mercies and God of 
all consolation. Make this camp (or hospital, 
or tent) a Bethel where I shall meet with, 
and be reconciled to God. Make it a Bochim, 


a place of penitential tears, earnest prayei 
and reanimated faith and hope. May it 
duties, difficulties, and dangers, its tempta 
tions and trials, drive me more helplessly t( 
Thee who canst make them all helps and no; 
hinderances, a daily discipline, and a meant 
and opportunity of doing good. Let Thy 
grace be sufficient for me. Perfect strength 
in my weakness. Uphold me by thy free 
Spirit, and keep me by thy power through 
faith unto salvation. 

Hear my prayer, O Lord. As a back- 
sliding child I have heard thy voice and 
come unto thee. Restore, therefore, and 
strengthen thy servant, that a sense of par- 
doning mercy and constraining love may 
enable and dispose me to proclaim thy grace 
to others; that sinners may be converted 
unto Thee, and that I may serve thee hence- 
forward with joy and alacrity; and be daily 
growing in meekness for the hour of my 
departure, and for an inheritance among the 
saints made perfect, that, with the innumer- 
able multitude of the redeemed, I may ever- 
more ascribe all glory and praise unto Ifiirv 
who loved me, and washed me in his own 
precious blood. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord and Saviour, etc. 


No. III. 

Prayer of a Sinner for Mercy, Repentance, 
and Faith. 

(WNISCIENT, omnipresent, and heart- 
V wnrching God, all things are naked and 
;Ppen unto thee with whom I have to do. 
Wiou art acquainted with all my ways. 
lhoa knowest my thoughts afar "off, and 
my heart, and life, and character; my down- 
sitting and my uprising, my outgoing and 
■jy.incoming are not hidden from thy sight. 
W is in Thee I live, and move, and have my 
Fng, and, as thou hast appointed the bounds 
P' ™y life, and the hour of my death, so 
w *n thou sayest return, my body shall 
]prn unto the dust from which it sprang, 
find my soul unto thee who gave it, that I 
Bay receive according to the deeds done 
wile in my body, whether they have been 
jeod or evil. 

God, thou righteous Judge eternal, con- 
cert my inmost soul. Impress deeply upon 
|y thoughtless heart the reality and infi- 
nite importance of eternal things. Bring the 
Pure near. Make things invisible to mor- 
W eyes clear and certain to my spiritual 
vision. Awaken and arouse me to a full 


conviction of the uncertainty of life, tl 
nearness and certainty of death, and of th 
judgment which is after death. May n 
eyes be opened to see, and my ears to he? 
and my heart to feel, and my conscience 
condemn, that, ere it be too late, I may 1 
converted and saved. May thy goodne 
lead me to repentance, and the terrors 
the Lord persuade me to turn unto thee th, 
Thou mayest have mercy upon me. Wh; 
shall it profit me, O God, if I gain the whoj 
world and lose my own soul, or what couj 
I give in exchange for my soul if lost ? 
that in this, the day of my merciful visii 
tion, I may be enabled and disposed 
attend to the things that belong to i 
everlasting peace, before they are for e* 
hidden from my eyes. 

I am a sinful man, O God. My own he 
condemns me, and thou art greater than i 
heart, and knowest all things. O God, til 
knowest my foolishness, and my sins are 
hid from thee. 1 am a sinner, O God, i 
one of the chief of sinners. I was bon 
; sin and prone to evil, and I went astray ft 
the womb speaking lies. Thou, O God, 1 
not been in all . my thoughts, to love 
serve thee. I have set thee at naught, i 


Cast off all fear of thee, and have lived 
without thee and without hope in the world, 
t have shamefully neglected those things 
which I ought to have done, and as shame- 
lessly done those things which I ought not 
to have done. I have abused thy goodness 
and. mercy which ought to have led me to 
repentance, by abounding in sin, and living 
unto myself, seeking my own pleasure and 
profit, following the desires and devices of 
my own evil heart, loving ttais present evil 
'world, and living according to its fashion in 
the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, 
and the pride of life. 1 have thus made an 
idol of myself, and a god of my belly, and 
have gloried in my shame, worshipping and 
serving the creature more than the Creator, 
who is God over all and blessed for ever. 
;,And I have thus acted against all the en- 
dearments of thy mercies and terrors of thy 
wrath; against all the striving of thy spirit, 
and admonitions of thy providence, and 
warnings of my own conscience. 
'- Lord, be merciful unto me a presumptu- 
ous, ungrateful, false, faithless, desperately 
blind, and foolish sinner. Have mercy upon 
me, O G-od, and blot out my transgressions. 
Wash me thoro ughly from.m.y-iniquitv. and 


cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge 
my transgressions, and my sin is ever before 

And yet, O God, thou hast borne with me, 
and hast had patience, and hast not cast me 
off in the midst of my' sins, and suddenly 
destroyed me without remedy. Let my 
prayer therefore, O Lord, come before thee 
in this acceptable time, when I may be heard 
and saved. O God, in the multitude of thy 
mercy hear me, according to the greatness 
of thy salvation. Hear me, O Lord, for thy 
loving kindness is good. Hide not thy face 
from thy servant, for I am in trouble. Hear 
me speedily. Draw nigh unto my soul, and 
redeem and deliver it. Work in me a full 
conviction of my guilt and miserj^. Open 
my heart to receive, and to feel thy grace, 
and mercy, and forgiving lOve. Behold me, 

Lord, at thy mercy seat pleading guilty 
and surrendering myself to thee, from whom 

1 cannot escape, I have not one word to 
offer in my vindication or excuse. Neither 
can I understand nor describe the enormitj* 
and wickedness of my sins, as committed 
against the glory of thine infinite majesty, 
the unspeakable preciousn'ess of the blood 
of thy dear Son, and the boundless love and 


graciousness of the ever blessed Spirit. O 
God, thy love and long-suffering patience in 
waiting still to be gracious to me that my 
soul may live, and not die eternally, is mar- 
vellous. Save therefore now, I beseech thee, 
O God of my salvation. Convince, convert, 
and regenerate my soul. I ask forgiveness, 
O Father, and hope for it only because of 
thy abundant, free, and sovereign mercies, 
and the infinite merits of thy most gracious, 
compassionate, and all-sufficient Saviour, and 
the illimitable, condescending tenderness of 
the Holy Ghost the Comforter. JSTow, there- 
fore, O God, give me faith, repentance, and 
power to turn unto thee with my whole 
heart, and to yield myself, body, soul, and 
spirit, unto thee, a living sacrifice, that I 
may live the rest of my life unto Him that 
loved me and gave himself for me, so that 
to me to live may be Christ, and to die gain. 
Grant these petitions, O most merciful God, 
through the merits and mediation of thy 
only Son, and my only Saviour and Ee- 
deemer Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc 


No. IV. 
For a Sick or Wounded Soldier. 

MOST gracious and merciful God, thou 
dost not willingly afflict the children of 
men, neither dost thou hide thy face from 
them, but dost hear when they cry unto 
thee. With thee are the issues of life and 
death. Thou bringest down to the grave, 
and art able to restore again to health, and 
to heal all our diseases, and renew our 
•strength like the eagle's. I rejoice, 
Father, that I can look to thee in my present 
painful affliction, and feel that it does not 
spring from the dust, nor come upon me by 
chance, but that it is ordered and overruled 
by thy holy, wise, and gracious providence. 
I resign myself therefore wholly to thy 
guidance, and east myself upon thy mercy. 
O merciful Father, make me to hear thy 
voice, saying unto me as to a son, My son 
despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, 
neither faint when thou art rebuked of him. 
O Lord, as a son, I would learn obedience, 
and yield to thee an affectionate and confid- 
ing submission. I would now arise, and 
come unto thee, my most gracious and piti- 
ful Father, and say, Father, I have sinned 


against thee, and provoked thy just dis- 
pleasure. But with thee there is plenteous 
redemption, and as it is thy property, so 
thou delightest to have mercy. Have com- 
passion upon me, thy poor, prodigal son, and 
receive and restore me to thy favor, and my 
long lost home and happiness. 

I know, O Lord, that thou canst do all 
things, and, if it is consistent with thine 
all- wise arrangement, thou canst look upon 
me, and forthwith I shall live, and recover 
strength before I go hence and be no more ; 
and that, if not, thou canst make thy grace 
sufficient for me, and enable me to resign 
life, health, and happiness to thy disposal, 
and to say, Father, thy will be done. I know 
that all thy judgments are right, that thou 
doest all things well, and that in very faith- 
fulness thou dost afflict me. But, O Lord, I 
am sinful and full of fears. I am unpre- 
pared to stand before thy judgment seat, 
and therefore I am afraid to die. I am op- 
pressed. My soul is cast down within me, 
and I cannot so much as -lift up mine eyes 
to heaven. God be merciful to me a sinner. 
In weakness and in misery I cast myself at 
thy feet. I am without excuse. Neither 
would I cloak nor dissemble my offences, 


which are all naked and open unto thee, P 
holy, omniscient, and righteous God ! with 
whom I have now to do, and who art able 
to cast soul and body into hell for evei\ 
Thou, who art the hope of sinners and their 
Saviour in time of trouble, intercede for me, 
and give me repentance and remission of 
sins. Thou who art mighty to save to the 
uttermost all who come unto God by thee, 
and who art not willing that any should 
perish, but that all should come unto thee 
and live, do Thou undertake for me, and 
have mercy upon me. Say unto my soul, I 
am thy salvation. Convince, convert, and 
comfort me by thy Holy Spirit. Give me a 
new heart and a humble, contrite, and be- 
lieving spirit. Pardon all my innumerable 
sins of heart and life. Cleanse me from 
their guilt, power, and pollution. Justify 
me freely for thine own Name's sake, that I 
may have peace with God, through thee, my 
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

1 acknowledge, O Lord, that while the 
stroke of thy han'd is heavy upon me, and 
the sufferings I deserve, and have feared, 
have come upon me, that in wrath thou 
rememberest mercy. Thou hast not dealt 
with me according to my sins nor rewarded 


mo according to my iniquities. Thou might- 
est have driven me away in my wickedness, 
and destroyed me suddenly, and given no 
opportunity for repentance, nor for calling 
upon thee for grace and mercj^. I bless 
thee for this sure token of thy loving kind- 
ness and willingness to save me ere it be too 
late. ,May it be so, O Lord ! Grant me that 
godly sorrowing for sin that shall not freed 
to be repented of. i would love thee, O 
blessed Saviour, who didst so love me as to 
give thyself for me, and didst redeem me — 
not with gold and silver, but with thine own 
precious blood — let thy love be so shed 
abroad in my heart as to constrain me to 
love Thee. Take this poor, weak, sinful 
heart, and make it thine. Seal, sanctify, 
and save it. Cast not a trembling, helpless 
sinner from thy presence, neither take thy 
Holy Spirit from me. Glorify thyself in me 
as the helper of the helpless and the Saviour 
of the lost, that the bones which thou hast 
broken may rejoice, and my sinking spirits 
may be lifted up with hope in God, and re- 
joice in the fulness of the blessings of the 
gospel of Christ. 

If it be thy blessed will, relieve my pains, 
remove my sickness, and restore my health 


that I may live to serve and glorify Thee, 
with my body and spirit, which are thine. 
But should this sickness be unto death, im- 
part unto me a holy, happy resignation. 
Into thy loving hands I commend my spirit. 
Thy blessed will be done, whether by life or 
death. Only, O Lord, I beseech thee, for- 
give all my sins and prepare my sBul, by 
unfeigned faith and true repentance, for the 
time of my departure, that I may die the 
death of the righteous,- and my last end be 
his. Wean my heart from the world and all 
its vanities. Fix it upon the things above 
which are at thy right hand. Bring the 
invisible realities- of eternity so near that 
by faith 1 may have a foretaste of them, as 
joys substantial and sincere. May the fear 
of dying be swallowed up by the assured 
hope of life everlasting. In all my pains of 
body and anxieties of spirit, may thy con- 
solations refresh and delight my soul. May 
thy Spirit calm my mind and soothe its sor- 
rows. Be thou, O Saviour, with me, and let 
thy rod and staff comfort me. Then -shall I 
be confident, and willing rather to depart 
than live, knowing that while at home in 
the body I am absent from the Lord, and 
that when the earthly house of this taber- . 


nacle is dissolved 1 have a building of God, 
a house not made with hands, eternal in 
the heavens, and an inheritance beyond the 
grave, purchased by Thy precious death for 
til believers, which is undefiled, and th4t 
fadeth not away. p 

And now, O Lord, who art the Prince of 
glory, who hast abolished death, and de- 
stroyed him that has the power of death, 
even the Devil; who wast thyself dead and 
art alive again and livest for evermore ; ful- 
fil these my desires and petitions, and unto 
thee, the King eternal, immortal, and invisi- 
ble, the only wise God and our Saviour, Jesus 
Christ, I will ascribe the glory of my salva- 
tion both now and for evermore. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 

No. Y 
On Recovery from Sickness. 

MOST merciful and gracious God, thou art 
good, and thou doest good, and thy ten- 
der mercies are over all thy works. What 
I have learned by the hearing of the ear 
thou hast now taught me by my own happy 
experience. I was brought low, even to +v>° 


mouth of the grave ; ray heart and my flesh 
failed me, and I said, I shall not live, but die. 
But thou, O Lord, hast kept me alive that I 
should not go down into the pit. Thou hast 
lifted me up from the gates of death, and 
spared me to recover strength before I go 
hence and be no more. It is of the Lord's 
mercies that I have not been cut off in the 
midst of my days, and while unprepared to 
die. Bless the Lord, O my soul,* and let all 
that is within me bless bis holy name, who 
has healed my disease and restored my soul, 
and renewed my youth, health, and vigor. 
O Lord, I would praise thee for thy good- 
ness and for thy mercy, which enduretli for 
ever. Thou hast remembered me in my low 
estate; thou hast heard my prayer; thou 
hast had p>itiful compassion upon thy most 
unworthy servant, so that he shall not die, 
but live, and declare the works of the Lord. 
The living, the living in the midst of the 
dying, O may I live to love, and serve, and 
praise Thee. O may I love Thee more and. 
serve thee better every day. 

O Lord, who hast heard the voice of my 
supplication and delivered my soul from 
death, what shall I render unto thee for all 
this unmerited mercy shown unto me ? May 


I walk before thee in the land of the livin 


may I take the cup of salvation, and pay 
unto thee the vows my soul in anguish 
made. I will offer unto thee in the pres- 
ence of thy people the sacrifices of thanks- 
giving, and call upon thy name ; I will pre- 
sent body, soul, and spirit unto thee, whose 
mercies crown my days, as my most reason- 
able service ; I will live not unto myself, or 
as if I were mine own, but unto Him who so 
loved me as to give himself for me ; who 
bought me with the price of his own pre- 
cious blood, and in whom I now live and 
have my being. 

thou God of grace, give me grace that 
the life thy goodness has preserved may be 
thus unreservedly dedicated to thee. May 
I not live to spend my strength in the pur- 
suit of worldly vanity, or in heaping up 
riches, or in selfish ease, sinful ungodliness, 
and unbelief. May I not live to abuse thy 
Ipng suffering and forbearing mercy. O 
I/ord, have compassion upon me, and grant 
me thy Holy Spirit to work in me to will 
and to do according to thy good pleasure; so 
that the life spared may be spent in holiness 
and righteousness toward Thee, and in serv- 
ing my generation in the promotion of the 


temporal and spiritual welfare of my fellow- 
men, according to the will of God. O keep 
me by thy power, merciful Saviour, lest I sin, 
and some worse thing come upon me. Dis- 
pose my heart, and help mo to give all dili- 
gence to make my calling and election sure, 
and to work out my salvation with fear and 
trembling. Make me always mindful how 
frail I am.; how helpless; how easily pros- 
trated and brought low; how soon I may 
die, and how certainly I must die; and how 
surely I must stand after death before the 
judgment seat of Christ to receive according 
to the deeds done in my body, whether they 
have been good or evil; and may I, there- 
fore, be enabled so to live as that every day 
shall be a step nearer to the fruition of thine 
everlasting glory. Grant this, O tnost mer- 
ciful Father, for Christ's sake, my only Me- 
diator and Redeemer. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. 


For Morning. 

MERCIFUL God and Father, I have both 
. laid me down and slept in peace and have 
awaked in health, because thou, O Loi'd, hast 
sustained me. Bless the Lord, O my soul, 
for these mercies, and for every other good 
and perfect gift that comes down from Jlim. 
As thou preserved me from all the dangers 
of the night, may thy powerful providence 
sustain and succor me through this day from 
danger, disease, and death. Pardon my 
sins, and convert my soul, and grant me thy 
salvation. May I spend this day in thy fear, 
as seeing Thee who art not far from any one 
of us, and be kept by thy grace from all 
temptation. May I be attentive to every 
duty, and watchful against anger, evil speak- 
ing, and the sins that most easily boeet me. 
May I be contented, cheerful, and happy, 
whatever may happen, and be alike prepared 
for peace or war, for life or death. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 

The grace of our Lord and Saviour Jfi«" D 


Christ, and the love of GJod, and the com- 
munion of the Holy Ghost, be with my soul. 

This day I wake me up from sleep, 
I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep ; 
If I should die before it close, 
With thee in bliss may I repose; 
And this I beg for thy Name's sake. 

For Evening. 

AT the close of another day I come unto 
thee, O Lord, who art the good Shep- 
herd who never slumbers, nor sleeps, and 
commit into thy hands my body, soul, and 
spirit. Thou art my creator, preserver, and 
most gracious Bedeemer, who hast bought 
me with thy most precious blood. O receive 
me into thy kingdom of grace now, and into 
thy kingdom of glory hereafter. Speak 
peace to my soul. Give me power to repent 
and believe, and hope in thy power and wil- 
lingness to save my soul. May I rest peace- 
fully under the shadow of thy wings, and 
enjoy ^refreshing sleep, undisturbed by any 
sudden alarm of ra^ina; foes. Grant these 
blessings also to my comrades in arms, and 
preserve us all from painful disease and un- 
prepared death. May I awake in the morn- 
ing in health and strength, fitted for the 


duties and dangers of the day. Bless all my 
dear friends, and may we be spared to meet 
again 'in peace and prosperity, to rejoice 
before thee all the days of our lives. Grant 
these requests, O God, for Christ's sake, in 
whose words I would further call upon thee 

Our Father, who art in heaven, etc. 
The grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus 
Christ, etc. 

This night I lay me down to sleep, 
I pray thee, Lord, iny soul to keep ; 
If I should die hefore I wake, 
I pray thee, Lord, my soul to take ; 
And this I beg for thy Name's sake. 

On Going into Battle. 

LOED, into thine hands I commit my 
. spirit, for thou hast redeemed me, O 
#prd God of truth . With thee are the issues 
of life and death. Thou hast the keys of 
death and the grave, so that when thou 
openest no man shutteth, and when thou 
shuttest no man can open. All events are 
at thy command. I leave myself entirely 
at thy disposal in, this battle, not knowing 
what shall befall me, whether life or death. 
Prepare me, O gracious Father, to live or to 


die; so that, whether living or dying, I may 
be the Lord's. May a sense of pardoned sin 
and peace with thee through our Lord and 
Saviour Jesus Christ cast out all fear, and 
enable me, as a good and faithful soldier, to 
fight manfully, and contend earnestly against 
the enemies of my beloved country, and in 
defence of life and liberty, of our mothers, 
wives, and sisters, of our homes and happi- 
ness, and of a pure Bible, and a freedom to 
serve and worship God according to its 
teachings and the dictates of conscience. 
Righteous Father, vindicate the oppressed, 
and avenge us of our adversaries. If I 
perish, may our cause triumph. Take my 
family and friends into thy divine keeping, 
and save my soul, and receive me ">nto thy 
glory, O Lord, through Jesus Christ, my 
Lord and Saviour. Amen. 

In Prospect of 'Battle. 

OLORD God, from whom I have received 
life, and by whom that life has been, 
preserved until this present moment, I would 
humbly and confidently commit myself to 
thy holy keeping in the prospect of coming 
battle. May thoughts suitable to so solemn 


an occasion take possession of my mind, ana 
in the fear of the Lord may I go onward, 
Believing that the cause in which I am en- 
gaged is just and righteous, and in defence 
of the sacred rights, honor, liberty, and 
independence of our beloved country, and 
for the truth of thy Word, the honor of thy 
Name, and the glory of thy holy, wise, and 
powerful providence, I would desire to feeJ 
the courage and determination of a loyal, 
patriotic, and faithful soldier, and to perform 
my duty faithfully. Thou art my almighty 
shield, and canst ward off danger in the 
midst of the conflict. If it be thy holy will, 
may my life be preserved while I remain 
steadfast to my post, and let all cowardly 
fear be banished from my heart.- May I feel 
safe under thy providence, and may I trust 
thee for life or for death. Grant that my 
.spul may be redeemed by the blood of. Christ, 
and should it be thy purpose that I should 
fall, may the sting of death, which is sin, be 
taken away. May the shield of thy protec- 
tion be placed before my comrades, and may 
they all cast themselves on thy mercy. C 
Lord, grant that victory may rest on our 
banners, and discomfit our enemies, who 
wage wicked and cruel war against us. May 


God pardon their sins and save their souls, 
but destroy their lives, and deliver us from 
them, and give us victory over them. To 
thee, O Lord, I now commit my soul and 
body, and may I not forget thee amid the 
roar of battle. This I earnestly ask for 
Christ's sake; and to the Father, Son, and 
Holy Ghost shall be all the praise. Amen. 

On Sentinel and Picket Duty. 

OH GOD, who hast brought this war upon 
us, and made it the duty and privilege 
of every citizen who is able to come up to 
the help of our invaded and oppressed coun- 
try against her wicked and tyrannical ene- 
mies, I come to thee for wisdom, power, and 
protection. I am commanded to occupy the 
outpost of danger, and to protect our army 
from sudden surprise. Go with me, and may 
thy gracious presence cheer and support me. 
Help me to be sober, vigilant, faithful, and 
fearless, and use well my eyes and ears in 
detecting danger and announcing its ap- 
proach. Preserve me from being overcome 
by sleep, or betrayed by carelessness, or 
destroyed by presumption. Deliver me from 
the deceitful foe, and from the unseen danger. 


Teach, me how to improve the time by call- 
ing upon thee in prayer, meditating on thy 
glorious gospel, and holding communion 
with a reconciled God, Father, and Friend, 
a gracious Redeemer, and a most gracious 
Comforter. And do thou, O God, search me, 
and try my heart, and discover to me every 
evil way that is in me, and lead me in the 
way everlasting. Grant, O God, these mer- 
cies for the sake and merits of thy Son, our 
blessed Saviour and Eedeemer. Amen. 

When Sick and Wounded. 

OMOST righteous God, thou hast seen fit 
to lay me aside from active duty, and to 
appoint for me pain and suffering; may I 
patiently submit to thy holy will, and be 
kept from murmuring and repining. Thou 
canst heal the maladies of my body, and 
make the remedies employed efficacious. If 
it be for thy glory, may I be restored to 
health, and may I yet live to serve my God 
and my country. Grant, too, that I may 
be prepared for all that may happen, so that 
whether I live I may live to the Lord, or 
whether I die I may die to the Lord, and 
living or dying still be his: This I ask for 
the Saviour's sake. Amen. 


For Divine Guidance. 

0LOKD, thou who art the hearer of 
prayer, be pleased in thy infinite mercy 
to fill my heart with thy grace, that I may 
be safely kept amid all the temptations of 
camp-life. Surrounded as I am, by many 
who have not the fear of God before their 
eyes, and whose conversation and conduct 
are ungodly, let me not be led away by their 
example. As thou, Lord, seest me, may I 
fear to commit any known sin. May I 
never be led to take thy name in vain, and 
suffer me not in thoughtlessness or passion 
to use profane language, for thou wilt not 
hold him guiltless that taketh thy name in 
vain: Guard me also from intemperance, 
by which reason is blinded and the soul un- 
fitted for the presence of God. From every 
other sin, good Lord, deliver me. When 
called to the performance of difficult and 
dangerous duties be thou my great protec- 
tor. Fill my soul with Thy love and fear; 
cleanse me from every sin of my life in the 
blood of Christ; and reconcile me to Thee 
through his atoning sacrifice, so that I may 
be ever ready to say, The Lord is my refuge, 
and my present help in trouble. All which 
I ask for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen. 


A General Thanksgiving. 

ALMIGHTY God, Father of all moreies, 
we, thine unworthy servants, do give 
thee most humble and hearty thanks for all 
thy goodness and loving kindness to us, and 
to all men. We bless thee for our creation, 
preservation, and all the blessings of this 
life; but, above all, for thine inestimable love 
in the redemption of the world by our Lord 
Jesus Christ, for the means of grace, and 
for the hope of glory. And, we- beseech 
thee, give us that due sense of all thy mer- 
cies, that our hearts may be unfeignedly 
thankful, and that we may show forth thy 
praise, not only with our lips, but in our 
lives; by giving up ourselves to thy service, 
and by walking before thee in holiness and 
righteousness all our days;' through Jesus 
Christ our Lord, to whom, with thee and the 
Holy Ghost, be all honor and glory, world 
without end. Amen. 


ALMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, 
we poor sinners lift up our hearts to 
thee, to bless and praise thy holy name for 


all thy manifold and great mercies to these 
Confederate States, from the first day even 
until now. O most mighty and gracious 
good God, thy mercy is over- all thy works, 
but in special manner hath been extended 
toward us, thy people, whom thou hast so 
powerfully defended. Thou hast showed us 
wonderful and terrible things ; but thou hast 
continued to protect and bless us, that we 
might see how powerful and gracious a God 
thou art ; how able and ready to help those 
who trust in thee. O God, with deep thank- 
fulness of spirit we worship and adore thee 
for thy protecting power and grace. Be 
thou still Our God, our guide, and mighty 
defender. And make us, we beseech thee, 
truly sensible of thy mercies. And give us 
hearts always ready to express our thank- 
fulness, not only by words, but also by our 
lives) in being more obedient to thy holy 
commandments ; that we, whom thou hast 
saved, may serve thee in holiness and right- 
eousness all,the days of our lives; through 
Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen. 
— Bishop Davis. 


General Prayer. 

OMOST powerful and glorious Lord God, 
the Lord of Hosts, that rulest and com- 
mandest all things, thou sittest on the throne 
judging right, and, therefore, we make our 
address to thy divine majesty, that thou 
wouldst take our cause into thine own hands, 
and judge between us and our enemies. Our 
trust is in thy mighty power. Stir up thy 
strength, O Lord, and come and help us, for 
thou givest not always the battle to the 
strong, but canst save 'by many or by few. 
O let not our sins cry against -us for ven- 
geance, but hear us, thy servants, begging 
mercy and imploring thy help, and that 
thou wouldst be a defence unto us against 
the face of our enemies. We implore thy 
protection and power against those who 
have invaded our soil and our homes. We 
humbly look up unto thee, O Lord, and say 
that we have done them no wrong. -Raise 
up thy power and come among us, and with 
great might help us. Be thou our strong- 
hold in the day of our calamity We flee 
unto thee for succor, and our hope is in thy 
great and glorious name. Defend, O Lord, 
and establish our cause. Endue us with 


power and strength; give us victory over 
all our enemies, and make it appear that 
thou art our Saviour and mighty deliverer, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. — 
Bishop Davis. 


WE beseech thee, O God, favorably to 
behold this government and people, 
now bending before thee in deep humility 
of heart; confessing their own sins, ac- 
knowledging thy divine sovereignty, and 
earnestly imploring thy heavenly benedic- 
tion and grace. We are sinful, but thou, O 
Lord, art holy and merciful. Weare weak, 
but thou art mighty. Draw near and help 
us; pardon our sins and receive and answer 
our prayers. Bless our rulers, direct their 
counsels, unite their hearts, strengthen their 
hands, and prosper all their undertakings. 
And may it please thee, O Lord G-od, to 
visit and bless this whole people in this time 
of danger and trial. Be thee our present 
helper and defender, and a strong tower 
against the face of our enemies. Give cour- 
age and strength to our army and navy. 
Fight with us, O God, against those who 
are threatening our homes, our firesides, and 


our families. Confound their counsels, bring 
to naught their wicked devices, subdue their 
pride, break their power, and deliver us from 
all their oppressions and wrongs; that we, 
thy people, being 4iurt by no persecutions, 
may be preserved evermore to glorify thee, 
who art the only giver of all victory. Grant 
this, O Father Almighty, for the sake of thy 
blessed Son, our Kedeemer and Saviour Je- 
sus Christ. Amen. — Bishop Davis. 


ALMIGHTY and most merciful Father, 
we have erred, and strayed from thy 
ways like lost sheep. We have followed too 
much the devices and desires of our own 
hearts. We have offended against thy holy 
laws. We have left undone those things 
which we ought to have done, and we have 
done those things which we ought not to 
have done, and there is no health in us. 
But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon us, mis- 
erable offenders. Spare thou those, O God, 
who confess their faults. .Restore thou those 
who are penitent, according to thy promises 
declared unto mankind, in Christ Jesus our 
Lord. And grant, O merciful Father, for 


his sake, that we may hereafter live a godly, 
righteous, and sober life, to the glory of thy 
holy name. Amen. 

For Defence. 

GOD, who art the author of peace and 
lover of concord, in knowledge of whom 
standeth our eternal life, whose service is 
perfect freedom ; defend us, thy humble ser- 
vants, in all assaults of our enemies ; that 
we, surely trusting in thy defence, may not 
fear the power of any adversaries, through 
the might of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

A Prayer for Soldiers under Sentence of Death. 

OFATHEK of .mercies, and God of all 
comfort, we fly unto thee for succor in 
behalf of these thy servants, who are now 
under the sentence of condemnation. The 
day of their calamity is at hand, and they 
are accounted as of those who go down into 
the pit. Blessed Lord, remember thy mer- 
cies; look upon their infirmities; hear the 
voice of their complaint; give them, we be- 
seech thee, patience in this their time of 
adversity, and support under the terrors 
which encompass them ; set before their 


eyes the things they have done in the body, 
which have justly provoked thee to anger \ 
and forasmuch as their continuance appear- 
eth to be short among us, quicken them 
so much the more by thy grace and Holy 
Spirit ; that tbey, being converted and rec- 
onciled to thee, before thy judgments have 
cut them otf from the earth, may at the 
hour of their death depart in peace, and 
be received into thy everlasting kingdom, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

For Forgiveness. 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, who 
hatest nothing that thou hast made, and 
dost forgive the sins of all those who are 
penitent, create and make in us new and 
'contrite hearts, that we, worthily lamenting 
our sins and acknowledging our wretched- 
ness, may obtain of thee, the God of all 
mercy, perfect remission and forgiveness, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

For Direction. 

DIRECT us, O Lord, in all our doing's, 
with thy most gracious favor, and 
further us with thy continual help; that in 


all our works begun, continued, and ended 
in thee, we may glorify thy holy name, and 
finally, by thy mercy, obtain everlasting life; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

On Deliverance from Enemies. 

ALMIGHTY God, who art a strong 
tower of defence unto thy servants 
against the face of their enemies, we yield 
thee praise and thanksgiving for our deliver- 
ance from those great and apparent dangers 
wherewith we were compassed. We acknowl- 
edge it is of thy goodness that we were not 
delivered over as a prey unto them; and be- 
seech thee still to continue such thy mer- 
cies toward us, that all the world may know 
that thou art our Saviour and mighty De- 
liverer ; through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Prayer for those Exposed to Danger. 

ALMIGHTY God, the Saviour of all men, 
we humbly ask thy tender care and sure 
protection for thy servants who have come 
forth at the call of their country, to defend 
its government and to protect its people in 
their property and homes, their rights and 


liberties, their wives and children, their 
sisters and servants, their altars and their 
Bibles. Let thy fatherly hand, we beseech 
thee, be over us; let thy Holy Spirit be 
with us; let thy good angels have charge 
of us; with thy loving kindness defend us as 
with a shield, and either bring us out of 
our peril in safety, with a hgart to show 
forth thy praises for ever, or else 4 " sustain ue 
with that glorious hope, by which alone 
thy servants can have victory in suffering 
and death ; through the sole merits of Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Prayer dxiring our present National Troubles. 

ALMIGHTY God, who art a strong 
tower of defence to those who put their 
trust in Thee, whose power no creature is 
able to resist, we make our humble cry to 
thee in this hour of our country's need. Thy 
property is always to have mercy. Deal not 
with us according to our sins, neither reward 
us according to ,our iniquities; but stretch 
forth the right hand of thy majesty, and be 
our defence for thy Name's sake. Shed upon 
the counsels of our rulers the spirit of wis- 
dom, and moderation, and firmness, and unite 


the hearts of our people as the heart of one 
man in upholding the supremacy of law, 
and the cause of justice and peace, and the 
sacred rights, honor, and independence of 
our Confederacy. Abate the violence of 
passion ; banish pride and prejudice from 
every heart; turn away ungodliness from 
us, and incline us all to trust in thy righteous 
providence, and to be ready for every duty, 
enduring hardship as- good soldiers, and 
bearing patiently every needful sacrifice and 
self-denial. And oh, that in thy great mercy 
thou wouldst make this war to cease, and so 
order all things that peace and happiness, 
truth and justice, religion and piety, may be 
established among us for all generations. 
These things, and whatever else thou shalt 
see to be necessary and convenient for us, 
we humbly beg through the merits and me- 
diation of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. 

To be used in Ships of War. 

OETEKNAL Lord God, who alone spread- 
est out the heavens, and rulest the raging 
of the sea; who hast compassed the waters 
with bounds, until day and night come to an 
end ; be pleased to receive into thy Almighty 


and moat gracious protection the persons of 
us thy servants, and the fleet [or ship] in 
which we serve. Preserve us from the dan- 
gers of the sea, and from the violence of the 
enemy; that we may be a safeguard unto 
the Confederate States of America, and a 
security for such as pass on the seas upon 
their lawful occasions; that the inhabitants 
'of our land may in peace and quietness serve 
thee our God; and that we may return in 
safety to enjoy the blessings of the land, 
with the fruits of our labor; and, with a 
thankful remembrance of thy mercies, to 
praise and glorify thy holy name, through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Sailors' Prayer. 

OGOD our Father ! wash us from all our 
sins in the Saviour's blood, and we shall 
be whiter than snow. Create in us a clean 
heart, and fill us with the Holy Ghost, that 
we may never be ashamed to confess the 
faith of Christ crucified, and manfully to 
fight under his banner against sin, the 
world, and the Devil ; looking to Jesus the 
great Captain of our salvation. We ask it 
all, because he lived, died, rose again, and 
ever' liveth to make intercession for us. 


During a Storm. 

OMOST powerful and glorious Lord God, 
at whose command the winds blow and 
lift np the waves of the sea, and who stillest 
the rage thereof; we, thy creatures, but mis- 
erable sinners, do in this our great distress 
Ory unto thee for help : Save, Lord, or else 
we perish. "We confess when we have been 
safe, and seen all things quiet about us, we 
have forgotten thee, our God, and refused to 
hearken to the still voice of thy Word, and 
to obey thy commandments; but now we 
see how terrible thou art in all thy works of 
wonder ; the great God to be feared above 
all ; and therefore we adore thy Divine Maj- 
esty, acknowledging thy power, and im- 
ploring thy goodness. Help, Lord, and save 
us for thy mercies' sake, in Jesus Christ, thy 
Son our Lord. Amen. 

Thanksgiving After a Storm. 

OMOST mighty and gracious good God, 
thy mercy is over all thy works, but in 
special manner hath been extended toward 
us, whom thou hast so powerfully and won- 
derfully defended. Thou hast showed us 


terrible things, and wonders in the deep, 
that we might see how powerful and gra- 
cious a God thou art ; how able and ready 
to help those who trust in thee. Thou hast 
showed us how both winds and seas obey 
thy commands ; that we may learn even 
from them hereafter to obey thy voice, and 
to do thy will. We therefore bless and glo- 
rify thy name for this thy mercy, in saving 
us when we were ready to perish. And we 
beseech thee, make us as truly sensible now 
of thj 7 mercy as we were then of the dan- 
ger ; and give us hearts always ready to 
express our thankfulness, not only by words, 
but also by our lives, in being more obedient 
to thy holy commandments. Continue, we 
beseech thee, this thy goodness to us; that 
we, whom thou hast saved, may serve thee 
in holiness and righteousness all the days oi 
our lives, through Jesus Christ our Lord and 
Saviour. Amen. 

For a Sick Person. 

OFATHBE of mercies and God of all 
comfort, our only help in time of need, 
look down from heaven, we humbly beseech 
thee, behold, visit, and relieve thy sick ser- 


vant, for whom our prayers are desired. 
Look upon him with the eyes of thy mercy; 
comfort bjm with a sense of thy goodness; 
preserve him from the temptations of the 
enemy; give him patience under his afflic- 
tion ; and, in thy good time, restore him to' 
health, and enable him to lead the residue of 
his life in thy fear and to thy glory. Or el^e 
give him grace so to take thy visitation that, 
after this painful life ended, he may dwell 
with thee in life everlasting; through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

After Sudden Visitation. 

OMOST gracious Father, we .fly unto thee 
for mercy in behalf of this thy servant 
here lying under the sudden visitation of 
thine hand. If it be thy will, preserve his 
life, that there may be place for repentance. 
But if thou hast otherwise appointed, let thy 
mercy supply to him the want of the usual 
opportunity for the trimming of his lamp. 
Stir up in him such sorrow for sin and such 
fervent love to thee, as may in a short time 
do the work of many days. That among the 
praises which thy saints and holy angels 
shall sing to the honor of thy mercy through 


eternal ages, it may be to thy unspeakable 
glory, that thou hast redeemed the soul of 
this thy servant from eternal death, and 
made him partaker of the everlasting life, 
which is through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

For Close of any Service. 

ALMIGHTY God, who hast given us grace 
at this time with one accord to make 
our common supplications unto thee, and 
dost promise that when two or three are 
gathered together in thy name thou wilt 
grant their requests, fulfil now, O Lord, 
the desires and petitions of thy servants, as 
may be most expedient for them; granting 
us in this world knowledge of thy truth, 
and in the world to come life everlasting. 

The Creed. 

I BELIEVE in God the Father Almighty, 
maker of heaven and earth; and in 
Jesus Christ his only Son, our Lord; who 
was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of 
the Virgin Mary; suffered under Pontius 
Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried; he 


descended into hell:* the third day he roso 
again from the dead ;■ he ascended into heav- 
en, and sitteth on the right hand of God the 
Father Almighty; from thence he shall come 
to judge the quick and the dead. I believe in 
the Holy Ghost; the Holy Catholic Church; 
the Communion of Saints; the forgiveness of 
sins; the resurrection of the body; and the 
life everlasting. Amen. 

Gloria in Excelsis. 

GLORY be to God on high, and oh earth 
peace, good will toward men. We praise 
thee, we bless thee, we worship thee, we glo- 
rify thee, we give thanks unto thee for thy 
great glory, O Lord God, heavenly King, 
God the Father Almighty 

O Lord, the only begotten Son, Jesus 
Christ ; O Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of 
the Father, that takest away the sins of the 
world, have mercy upon us. Thou that 
takest away the sins of the world, have 
mercy upon us. Thou that takest away the 
sins of the world, receive our prayer. Thou 
that sittest at the right hand of God the 
Father, have mercy upon us. 

* i. e. Continued in the state of the dead, and under tbs 
power of death, until the third day. 


.For thou only art holy; thou only art the 
Lord; thou only, O Christ, with the Holy 
Ghost, art most high in the glory of God the 
Father. Amen. 

The Ten Commandments. 

I. Thou shnlt have none other gods but me. 

II. Thou shalt not make to thyself any 
graven image, nor the likeness of anything 
that is in heaven above, or in the earth be- 
neath, or in the water under the earth. Thou 
shalt not bow down to them, nor worship 
them; for I the Lord thy God am a jealous 
God, and visit the sins of the fathers upon 
the children unto the third and fourth gen- 
eration of them that hate me ; and show 
mercy unto thousands in them that love me 
and keep my commandments. 

III. Thou shalt not take the name of the 
Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not 
hold him guiltless that taketh his name in 
vain. v 

IV Remember that thou keep holy the 
Sabbath day. -Six days shalt thou labor, 
and do all that thou haet to do; but the 
seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy 
God ; in it thou shalt do no manner of work, 


thou, and thy eon, and thy daughter, thy 
man servant, and thy maid servant, thy cat- 
tle, and the stranger that is within thy gates. 
For in six days the Lord made heaven and 
earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and 
rested the seventh day. Wherefore the Lord 
blessed the seventh da3', and hallowed it. 

Y Honor thy father and thy mother, that 
thy days may be long in the land which the 
Lord thy God giveth thee. 

VI. Thou shalt do no murder. 

VII. Thou shalt not commit adultery 
•VIII. Thou shalt not steal. 

IX. Thou shalt not bear false witness 
against thy neighbor. 

X. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's 
house; thou shalt not cWet thy neighbor's 
wife, nor his servant, nor his maid, nor his 
ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is his. 

O Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline 
our hearts to keep these laws, for Christ's 
sake. Amen. 

Come unto me all ye that labor and are 
heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take 
my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I 
am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall 
find rest for your souls; for my yoke is 


easy, and my burden is lii^ht. — Matt. xi. 28, 
29, 30. 

For God so loved the world that he gave 
his only begotten Son, that whosoever be- 
lieveth in him should not perish, but have 
everlasting life. — John iii, 16. 

This is a true saying, and worthy of all 
acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into, the 
world to save sinners, of whom 1 am Chief. 
—1 Tim. i, 15. 

If any man sin we have an advocate with 
the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous; and 
he is the propitiation for our sins. — 1 John 
ii, 1, 2. 

SELECTIONS of scripture for use on 


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The Prayers under the first, second and 
third divisions, are made full, so as when 
necessary, to supply all that may be required, 
in public or private; but as they are sepa- 
rated into paragraphs, they may be divided 
or shortened, or combined, by omitting any 
paragraph, or by adding to any prayer 
what is contained in any other — as for in- 
stance, in the case of the Prayers for Fami- 
lies, for Eulers, for Eevivals, &c. These 
may be added to any other prayer.